Woli Mike promises to represent AAUAites’ interest, respect management’s regulation

As students resume academic sessions following the 8-month-long ASUU strike, political activities also start afresh for students aiming to occupy offices in the student union. With the current administration -led by Kolade Olumide (Multiple)- preparing to hand over after a year of service, the jury is up for whoever will fill the boot.

In an exclusive interview with AAUA INSIDER, Fakaisi Michael Dotun –Woli Mike-, a presidential hopeful, reveal that his administration will thrive on collaborative efforts involving teams and stakeholders.

Excerpts below:

Q: Who is Woli Mike?

A: Fakaisi Michael Dotun is a 300-level student of the Mathematical Science Department at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko.
I’m an aspirant for the position of AAUASU 001. I attended Bishop Hughes Memorial Primary school in Akure, Ondo state. I started my secondary education at Saint Thomas Aquinas College, Akure. Due to reasons, I had to continue my secondary education at Ijapo High school, Akure.
I moved to Lagos and completed my SSCE at Vega College in Lagos, and now studying Industrial Mathematics at AAUA.

Q: As an aspirant for the student union president of a complex school like AAUA, how do you intend to cope with the problems, ups, downs and challenges associated with this office?

A: Being a leader of any platform or organization comes with great challenges, and it requires a lot in dealing with that. As student union president, there is a need to be conscious of the challenges and devise means of formula to turn them into an advantage. There is a need for effective communication in the system, a collaborative effort involving teams and stakeholders will help proffer solutions to problems. This is not a one-man show. I believe so much in teamwork, coupled with planning and coordination.

Q: Have you ever been a leader of any organization or association prior to this time or even presently? Kindly share some of the challenges you encountered then and how you were able to overcome them

A: I have earned and accumulated experiences from different platforms and organizations.
I’m one of the coordinators of Gifted Hands Consult (GHC), an organization in AAUA that is keen on promoting academic excellence and also providing leadership and mentorship training for young minds. I’m currently the class representative of the 300level mathematics students. I’m also a serving honourable in the Faculty of Science parliament. I previously served as a public relation officer of NAMSS, AAUA chapter.

Challenges are like ads that pop up, but they can always be conquered. I remember a time I was the PRO. A piece of information was disseminated from an unreliable source in the department and it went viral and cause lots of unrest. As the mouthpiece of the association, I had to come in and correct the misinformation.

Q: What are your visions for AAUAites as the president of a successful, productive, progressive union?

A: We are going to build a government on the council of stakeholders across all faculties. The aim is to bridge the gap between the union and members, and also to dialogue issues relating to students’ interests and propose likely solutions to the challenges facing students.

Academic welfare is a priority. We will engage the management in making sure that public address systems (PAS) are made available at our big lecture theatres in the school. This will help in effective communication from the lecturers to the students during lecture periods. Effective tutorial sessions across all faculties alongside the provision of materials to aid the academic performance of AAUA students will also be prioritised.

Security and safety are the results of collective consensus and public investment. We owe every student of AAUA a life free of violence and fear. The union will work alongside the school security unit and law enforcement agencies to ensure adequate security on and off campus.
There is a need for random patrol in the host community, as this will help in safeguarding students and their properties.

The skill acquisition program will be a massive project. There is a need for the student union to giving its member value that will make them relevant to themselves and society. We will consider vocational skill, where students have opportunity to learn and master crafts. As we all know that the universe is going digital, and there is a need for the acquisition of digital skills in other to stay relevant even as the world is changing. I will be a ‘Servant Leader’ to AAUAites.

Q: in the aspect of making PASs available, sir, how do you intend to make them available? Is it from the Union’s account, from the school management or do you intend to introduce a kind of money donation from within the students to make PASs available?

A: We will make our request known to the school management, in line with the management responsibility and duty to contribute towards ensuring students learn in an organized setting.

Q: Permit me to ask sir, why do you think you’re capable of leading the AAUASU?

A: I believe I have what it takes to lead AAUASU, I possess the required skills for effectiveness. Good listening skills, human relations, communication, quick decision-making and problem-solving skills coupled with emotional intelligence. All of these qualities must be found in a leader.

Q: If as the AAUASU president, how would you intend to strike a balance between both parties if there should be a conflicting interest?

A: Some situations can be complicated at times, but I will always represent the interest of AAUAites with respect to the regulations of the management. I believe there is always a Midpoint and we can reach resolutions.

Q: If you are to advise the present AAUASU president, what will your advice be?

A: Comrade Ogunsanmi Kolade Olumide (Multiple) is a great person and his leadership skills speak volumes for him. I will advise the president to consolidate on his efforts towards housing for students in the AAUA community, it is a major challenge.


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