War Against Apathy Towards Public Affairs

Arise o Compatriots!

Plato, a great philosopher once opined that “Apathy towards public affairs is that you will be governed by your inferiors.”

In actuality, there is nothing wrong in having a PVC and rightfully using it to cast your vote for your preferred candidate as at when due.

This is a sacred responsibility. Hence, it should not be mistaken as canvassing for any political party or personality. It’s your right to vote and this must be ensured to the letter.

From time immemorial till date, our leaders are being determined by our Grandparents while the youths do not seem to have interest in Nigeria politics. Hence, any decision we make now will shape and construct our destiny for the next four years. Four long years, indeed!

Even though the right to vote and be voted in any election is part of our constitutional rights, the elites and common citizens have taken the unusual stand of believing that our votes do not count in election.

This belief is, in fact, a very big fat lie and a discouragement to keep us away from the decision making of our political activities and leaders.

Politicians, once election is in sight, often act in their best of character in order to ensure that we see them as godsent. Now, if our votes do not count like we often say, why would they stress themselves?

Dear citizens, please ensure that you are not left behind today. Make a decision to get involved by getting your PVC now!

Unfortunately, one of the major problem we have in Nigeria is the poor turn out of youths during elections. Get your Voters card NOW!

Our vote is our pride. Your vote is your weapon. Our vote is our strength. Your vote is your voice. Our vote is our weapon to fight against intimidation and oppression and at such, all must be done to ensure that we come out in our massive population and do the needful during elections.

Our fate should be decided by the majority rather than the few. There is no excuse. It’s time to come out and contribute our quota to national development by voting for those whom we wish to lead us for the next four years. Indeed, posterity will be kind to us if we choose well.

Remember, a man does not plant a tree for himself but for the whole community.

Please note that your vote will decide the next four years. This is not to canvass for any political party or personality but the need to possess our PVC and take active participation during elections, rather than social media activism and bullying.

Adekanye Mayomi Adeboye, popularly known as INEC, is a 300 level Philosophy student in AAUA.


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