AAUASU003: The Secretariat will do more than ‘proper documentation’ during my time – Adeyefa Tolulope Elite

As the heat of the Student Union election is increasing with common and breathtaking greetings from aspirants at major places on campus, AAUA INSIDER decided to greet the ‘political greeters’ and engage an aspirant for the position of the General Secretary of the Union − Adeyefa Tolulope ‘Elite’ in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Kindly introduce yourself and delve into your family background.

My name is Adeyefa Tolulope, popularly called Elite. I’m a 300 level Student of Political Science in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. My family and our extended family in extension is socio-politically inclined, basically because it’s a royal family. So, it was very easy for me as a person to gain the consciousness at a very tender age. Inclusive, the events that followed my Dad’s demise played a big role in reshaping fully my positive perspectives about life. I have passion to contribute to societal development. As a budding political scientist, I’m currently undergoing incubation to proffer more the needed solutions in Public Affairs. I’m a Writer with the prospect of becoming a trained journalist.

Tell us about your educational background.

I started Elementary class in a Private School, Ogo Oluwa Nursery and Primary School Emure-Ile but completed in 2010 in a Public School, Our Saviours’ Anglican Primary School, Emure-Ile, Owo LG. I proceeded to Community Grammar School where I graduated. Currently, like I said earlier, I’m currently studying Political Science in AAUA for my First Degree.

What position are you aspiring for?

The post of AAUASU003.

What leadership experience do you have for this position?

I’ve garnered experiences from different organizations and this is one of the reasons why I’m encouraged to serve the entire Students of AAUA in the capacity of AAUASU003. I’m currently the General Secretary of Helping Hands Foundation (HHF), one of foremost Students’ association in AAUA, dedicated to the feelings and assistance of Less Privileges, Disables and Children in the orphanage home. I’m so currently the Publicity Secretary of Emure-ile Future Pride Forum, the foremost organization creating progress for youth and community development. Currently, I’m the Secretary of Emure-ile Youth Council (EYC), the officially recognized body all youths in Emure-ile. I’ve also, in the past, served in the same capacity as member of various Committees within and outside AAUA. Aside the experiences, I have also gained leadership exposures being a member and an executive of Junior Chamber International (JCI) as Director of Special Duties, National Association of Political Science and Public Administration (NAPPAS), as Financial Secretary, Worldwide Movement For United Nigeria (WMUN) Ondo State Chapter, as Social Media Director II, active member of Owo Local Government Area Students’ Union (OLGASU) and many more. I have enrolled and engaged in leadership trainings. All these put together are the foundation of my experiences and exposures for the task ahead.

We have other vital positions, why the position of the General Secretary?

I’ve come to realize that the most effective channel in the Students’ Executive Council (SEC) through which we can bring the students closer and aggregate their interest is the Secretariat. And for us to understand the feelings and needs of the students, we must make that channel systemic, and operationalize it to adequately articulate, aggregate and actualize their general interests. For us to achieve this, an individual who is more proficient and could effectively carry out this important task must put at the helm of that affair. It therefore dawned on me that this is the area the students can feel my impacts most based on my experience. Thus, the reason to embrace the task. Other positions are vital, but the Secretariat is the heartbeat of any organization in the world!

What can you say about the current General Secretary of the Union?

Comrade Taiwo Oluwagbogo Joel (Joelistic Joel) is a humble comrade. His leadership approach as the current General Secretary of AAUASU gives easy accessibility and very effective in resolving most of the issues that occurred so far in this current administration. Specifically, during the last unfortunate accident, he played a very vital role which has left me with no doubt that the office is in the right hand. Evaluating the successes this current administration has made so far is incomplete without mentioning the contributions of Comrade Joelistic Joel. He’s very active. He has as well successfully brought digital innovations to the union. It will be very for me to become his successor to sustain and improve on his legacies, while also bring in new ideas.

What are the changes you intend to effect, if you win the election?

Immediately I’m elected and inaugurated as AAUASU003, we’re going to set up a team across all faculties, which will be attached to the Secretariat to constantly receive complaint on issues affecting Students’ interests, the team will report back to the Secretariat for documentation and redirection to the Students’ Executive Council (SEC) for deliberation, aggregation and taking necessary actions. This way, there will be no communication gap between the executive and members of the Students’ Union. It has not happened before, I will do it when I get there. We will be publicizing the activities of the Students’ Executive Council on weekly basis. It has not been happening before, I will do it when I get there. I will constantly articulate the interests of the students whenever the government and management is involved. The dream is to play decisive roles alongside with other members of executive in order to make all students become integral part of the union and not just seen as a platform of Elected comrades who only have the privilege of serving. During my own time, the Secretariat will do more than “proper documentation”. Lol, I don’t promise that, I promise more than that. I have a lot of changes in store to effect, I’ll give more comprehensive details of my plans and how it can be achieved when we get to Manifesto ground. I’m ready.

What are the sane factors and characteristics that sets you apart from your opponents?

I have Writing Prowess, Effective Communication Skill, IT literacy, experiences and exposures, Human Relations Skill. I’m methodical and always accurate as possible. These sane factors and characteristics among others are very important for whoever wants to become AAUASU003 and all are embedded in me.

What advice do you have for your opponent(s)?

I passionately enjoin all my opponents to ensure that the fleeting passion of politics does not break our cord of brotherhood. I want to believe that all my opponents, like me, wants to serve the students. Therefore, they should allow the same students to determine and decide who will serve them better. Let us respect their opinions of as they’re all vast and knowledgeable enough to differentiate between good and bad. Let us drive our campaigns constructively and objectively. Let us make it battle of ideas, rather than employing violent means. This is the beauty democracy. Each and every one of us should tow that path.

What message do you have for AAUA students?

I implore AAUA Students across all faculties to remain resolute with the truth as we continue the historic journey into a new dawn; where we will together build an incredible future for ourselves and AAUASU through their supports. Importantly, as academic commences for Second Semester, 2019/2020, I enjoin all AAUAites to remain focused on their primary endeavor (studies) in AAUA and ensure they make the best out of it. We should as well be prayerful to rebuke any unfortunate incident this semester and beyond. My good thoughts are also with all students who are currently observing SIWES, let’s continue to portray a good image for our AAUA.



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