The Ruby List Awards announces its first edition

The Ruby List Awards is an innovation, aimed at celebrating excellence in Nigerian Students. It is based on credibility and transparency to unanimously recognize and reward distinct efforts of Nigerian Students.

Oluwafemi Okikiola, ADEJIMI the team lead of the Ruby List Awards in a chat with AAUA INSIDER announced the first edition of the awards and the mode its going to take. He explained reasons behind the initiative, why the first edition would be for 50 most influential Nassites and why the award is going to be digital.

“The award is meant to go against the culture of buying and selling of awards, it is on a merit basis without compromise, the idea was to create a platform for excellent and intelligent student.”

“This first edition will include only Nassites because they say charity begins at home. Faculty of Sciences is my faculty and it gives me chances to look more into the people, relate with my people, and starting here will for a start give me more time to look into the challenges.

“We are projecting 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL NASSITES although, the initial plan was to get 100 but we were stuck with 73 due to COVID pandemic and also, some people could not live up to the standard of the award and we had to drop them.”

Speaking about how they got the proposed awardees list, he said a nomination link was sent.

“We got all proposed awardees through nominations, we created a link and sent across boards in the faculty and urged students to nominate people qualified in the 10 categories which includes; Academia, Sports, Media, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Fashion, Science & Tech, Entrepreneur, Philanthropy & Social Enterprise, and Leadership & Governance.”

When asked why the released designs are blurry, the event date, and who their sponsors & partners are, he said there’s a date for the unveiling.

“Why the designs are blurry is because we already picked a date to unveil the 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL NASSITES, which is October 1st, 2021, till then we are working with our PR team, sponsors and partners to create awareness throughout the faculty that something of such is coming up. And also we are seeking to get an approval from the Sub-Dean of the faculty and the Dean of Student Affairs for credibility.”

“Initially, we planned to hold the award during NASS week because the first edition is for NASSITES, but due to the some circumstances we couldn’t do that. But now it’s going to be a digital one. The coming editions, hopefully we have enough sponsors and partners, we will host an event.”

“So far, we have about 7 partners and sponsors, the likes of: The TruthNewsAgency; the headline sponsor, Junior Chambers International, Design Central, Urban Gist and more…Also, I want to use this medium to appreciate the CEO, Ruby List Awards for the mindset to change the narratives.”

RUBY LIST AWARDS promises to be a different type of event to celebrate excellence. Stay with us and anticipate the unveiling of the Awardees on October 1, 2021.


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