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This edition of studentpreneur, an AAUA insider beat that highlights and engages students that combine their academics with business, The studentpreneur for this edition happens to be future chemical scientist and a business personnel who take us through the journey of how she started her business and the challenges faced combining business with academics.

Kindly introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

I am Abimbola Adisa Abigail; I am a student and a young entrepreneur. I’m into mini importation, a caterer and a make-up artiste.

Can you please tell us about your family background and education?

I hail from Ede in Osun State. I had my elementary and secondary school at High Tree College Ikeja area of Lagos State. I am currently a 300 level student from the department of Chemistry, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State.

What prompted you to start your business and how did you start?

First of all, I started learning catering work from my mum because she is into catering job. Also a senior colleague of mine introduced me to the process of mini importation and I started it from just importing shoes and bags for my family to expanding it to friends and every other person. As for the make-over job, it was the passion I have for it that made me also do something similar to it as I felt it was a great opportunity. Though, it has not been easy doing all of them together but I already have stipulated time designated for such business e.g Goods takes 14days to arrive and before then I would put my catering job aside till when I am done selling. Nah from somewhere we just talk say make we start.

How do you combine academics with entrepreneur?

It has been the grace of God combining businesses with schooling at the same time. I already have a scheduled time for my catering services. Though, it has not been easy combining work and studies together but as God will have it, am getting used to it and always trying to balance them. 

What are the challenges you have faced in this line of businesses you chose?

My greatest challenge is reading for exams and had to also do the job of make-up of a client at the same time. It was God’s grace I used to pass that exam in that particular semester.

Have you ever felt like quitting? If yes, why?

Let me say my friends will try to discourage me by telling me the side effects of it all and is causes to health, which have always made me to think of quitting. My mum has been the one coming to the rescue showing signs of encouragement and support. She has been my backbone so far.

What are your aspirations towards these businesses, Do you see yourself combining all together in the future?

Hmmm. It is very clear that the present day government in Nigeria does not proffer solutions to the alarming rate of unemployment and as such, these have made almost all graduates searching for white-collar jobs everywhere. As for me in the future, if God have it I will surely do all three at once, as that is the only way to survival. 

What are your advices for up and coming entrepreneurs, will you advise them to multi-task such as you do?

My advice to them is to be prayerful and seek for God’s divine intervention and they should follow their heart and passion. What might work for me might not work for them. They should just discover themselves and never relent.

Interview by Awodeyi Olusola and Agbelusi Samuel


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