Studentpreneur: Interview with Ogunjimi Timilehin, a fashion designer

Ogunjimi Timilehin is a fashion designer that operates under the name, Timmy Classic. This correspondent engaged her as a Studentpreneur. Ms Timilehin took her time to share how she started the journey into fashion designing and how she relates with her clients. Excerpts… 

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Ogunjimi Timileyin, I am a student and also a fashion designer.

Can you let us briefly about your family and educational background?

I’m from a family of six. I attended private schools all through except university.
I am a student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko Ondo State, a 400 level student studying Linguistics and languages.

When did you start your fashion business?

I started learning since 2017, but I finished learning this year.

Is fashion designing for you a passion, talent, or something to do to survive?

It is something I do to survive.

How did you get capital to start? Was it from personal savings, loan or from friends and family?

I started with personal saving.

How do you manage your business as a student?

Actually, I have many customers in Ibadan so immediately am off to school sowing of clothes will be on hold.

How do you deal with your friends when it comes to business matters?

Uhmm, firstly, I never saw any help from friends when I was struggling so there is a time for friendship and a time for business, so I do collect money o.

How do you cope with “I too know” customers?

Hmmmm, they can be annoying sometimes but nah their money we won collect so am always calm with them o.

As a fashion designer, what’s your take about getting “ready-made” clothes?

I as a person, I can’t get “ready-made” clothes o, except someone bought for me.

Your advice to students who are entrepreneurs or who are about to start?

Whatever they are good at they should do it right and they shouldn’t do it with levity.


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