Studentpreneur: I believe I am fulfilling my purpose through my baking, says Baker Opeyemi

Akinbolure Opeyemi is a business administrator and passionate baker with the brand ‘Hannybakes n more’. Miss Opeyemi shared her journey with AAUA INSIDER. She talked about her challenges, her driving force and how she relates with her clients. Excerpts…

Kindly introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

My name is Akinbolure Opeyemi Hannah, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University, department of Business Administration 300 level. A cake consultant for Hannybakes and more.

Briefly delve into your family and educational background?

My family hails from Ondo State, Irele local government. Numerically we are four; my Daddy, Mummy and two kids (I am the second child). I attended Stepping Firm Montessori Nursery and Primary school, I proceeded to Jeed Trinity College. I further attended Iree polytechnic in Osun State for my Ordinary National Diploma (OND), and I am currently a student of Adekunle Ajasin University for my B.Sc.

How and when did you start your baking business?

My journey into baking started 22nd January 2018, immediately after my IT at (IDL), I was thinking of what to do since I have not been given admission at AAUA. I should have gone for my HND but my Daddy insisted that I should go for degree instead. I thought I would not be given admission into Adekunle Ajasin because I did not meet up to the cut-off mark for my department, so I told my parent I wanted to learn baking instead of staying at home. My Daddy said he would not pay for my training fee because all he wants from me is to get my degree and have a good job. Luckily me, I was able to raise so money during my IT, I went far from home registered with a woman who has a baking store. I paid thirty thousand naira upfront then I started but to my surprise I was given admission the second day I started my training (that did not hold me back though). I trained for six months before going to school.

Can you say baking is a passion for you?

Yes, I can say my baking business is a passion for me. It is something I love doing, it is something I derive joy from. I did not go for it because people are doing it, I went into it because I felt it is something I love.

How did you generate capital for equipment and ingredients?

Uhmm capital? Like I said earlier, my parents are not really in support of me baking, it is not that they do not like it, they just feel education is more important. It is more like something I am doing for myself, so capital for equipment has always been from profit, personal savings and excess money from my parent. Also, I try not to spend lavishly, I buy more of my baking things than things for myself. I have not been able to get a huge capital though, but I trust God.

Any challenges so far? If yes, please share.

Challenges in baking is much because the act of baking itself is stressful (mixing the batter, covering the cake, delivery…). Another challenge is combining my social life, academics, spiritual life and business, honestly it has not been easy. There are times when I will be so down but for someone like me no matter how tired I am and I have a cake order to deliver, I do not relent. What I do is to pray for strength and God has been faithful. Also, for every challenge there is an opportunity, I hold on to the opportunities alone.

How do you cope with high price rate and electricity issue in Akungba?

About the electricity, I have a generator and I charged the money to fuel the generator as part of my expenses for the business. Regarding to the high price, most of my customers believe in quality than quantity.

How do you deal with customers that pay late or those who order for cake on credit?

For those who pay late I will certainly do the baking. I have never turn down a baking offer, it is really something I love, so money is not always the catch. But for ordering of cake on credit, it is not possible because I need money to buy ingredients. I do not bake unless there is an order for it. I have not even seen a customer ordering for cake on credit.

What is that thing that keeps you going or gives you go vibes about baking?

I, Opeyemi, I am born for a purpose and I believe I am fulfilling the purpose through my baking business. The smile on people’s face when I deliver their order or a surprise delivery means a lot to me. Also, God; he has being my anchor.

Any advice for AAUA bakers or AAUA entrepreneur?

One of things I will say to AAUA bakers or entrepreneur is that they should keep going, the sky is the starting point. They should not look at the challenges in their businesses but focus on the opportunities. Keep to continuous learning and sourcing new ideas. Add more valve to yourself.


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  1. Very determined lady…I have always believed in your determination. .The first time we met, I knew that you know what you are doing, I love you hannybakes…Surely the sky is your starting point

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