Student writes open letter to Student Union President

An auspicious student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) Ondo State, Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun from the Faculty of Law, took it as a point of duty to write an open letter to the Student Union President of AAUA.

Mr Seyifunmi popularly known as Francophone titled the open letter, “AAUA RESUMPTION: PUTTING THE WELFARE OF THE STUDENTS FIRST”.

The philosopher pointed out issues bordering security, house rent, examination date, school fees payment, and inter and intra transit transportation.

Mr Seyifunmi anticipate a favourable response through action from the Student Union President.

“While anticipating a favourable response through action from you, I wish you a happy resumption and success in your exams”.

Here is the full open letter written by Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun;




“It is with a heart full of smiles and gratitude to the almighty Olódùmarè that I am writing you this open letter my dear president.
Permit me to first wish you compliments of the season, it is my prayers that this new year shall bring us good tidings! Àmín

“Distinguished President of the Union that habours the best students, learning from the best state university in Nigeria, I must commend you for your energy and efforts you have channeled into making sure your administration records meaningful records.
I am testimony to the fact that your “military” (as named by you) administration gives no room for insecurity and has been doing all things possible to continue this. I recalled on many occasions during the lock down how you gathered students to work with men of the Nigerian police Akungba, the local vigilantes and others to have night patrols when the issue of burglary was on the high. This I must confess, yielded a lot of positive results.

“I also can testify to the fact that you have and are making efforts to make sure that the students are well represented and that the interests of the students are well covered. This you demonstrated in the recent meetings with various stakeholders in the state to see what could be done to reduce the tuition fee. Although it is yet to go round and we are yet to feel the effect of the so called “reduction”, I must still give you kudos for your efforts.

“Our dear president, this open letter might be coming from an individual, but I like you to see it as the voice of as many students as possible who are under your care, watch and supervision! I am sure you know that not everyone would be able to express their plights and demands because this will either lead to tautology or amount to waste of time and energy.

“I deemed it fit enough, and as well very timely to write you this open letter in order to remind, inform and further encourage you on what and what we the students are expecting from you and your leadership.
We are well aware of the fact that you have not been working alone, we as well give credence to your cabinet members. Una well done!

“Mr president sir, after months of being away from the university, first due to mid semester break before the unfortunate advent of COVID-19 which has kept us at home for about 10 months, our agitations, expectations and prayers was answered as on 12th January, 2021, we received the good news of our resumption back to school.

“Yes, like I said earlier, it was our highly anticipated news and we are glad to receive it.

“However Mr president, permit me to present before you some areas I think you can help relieve the anxiety of the students.


I am sure you’re very much abreast with the security challenges rocking the host community of our institution. Although it appears tensions have been dounced for a while now. But it is really pertinent you take steps to ensure the lives of the students are safe.
You will recall I expressed an honest opinion earlier last year on the need to co opt the paramilitary together with the security agencies to ensure a safe environment. This suggestion is still very much relevant, there is a need to have a robust and concrete relationship with the host community which can be established by you leading a delegation to the palace of the traditional ruler and other prominent chiefs to have a heart to heart discussion and agreement.

“Also, the unfortunate accidents that happened which claimed many lives has led to the relocation of the market, an action which you were part of and we are really grateful for your afforts. Still Mr president, much more is expected particularly when students would be resuming soon. Kindly intensify your relationship with the FRSC for mutual working experience.
It is as well unfortunate that about three vehicles were burnt to arches in front of the university gate most recently, largely due to many factors on top of which was lack of fire extinguisher to quench the fire before it became a big issue. Kindly make efforts with appropriate authorities to make sure that especially within the school environment, there are adequate fire extinguishers to be prepared for any spark within the university.
It is also part of safety measures that you instruct the publicity officer of the union to work together with the welfare officer to make sure that Aauaites get encouraged and remembered on the need to always put off their gadgets when not in use or when they are going out!
By adequately working with the school security, paramilitaries on campus, men of the Nigeria police, local vigilantes and Amotekun, the issue of ome hoodlums harrasimg students would be reduced to a beareast minimum. It is better imagined than witnessed what students go through in the hands of some individuals terrorizing them, asking for money and obtaining them.
This calls for a prompt attention immediately!


This is one of the major issue that will rent the air when school finally resumes and students return. While I am aware that it is not the right of the union or even the university to dictate to landlords and landladies on how much they should charge but I hold a strong believe that there can be a strong and mutual MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with them in order to reach a compromise on what could be done for both the house owners and the students to show concern for one another.
More so, the fate of students whose properties were carted away should be a major concern. Students in this category are deserving of compensations which in this case I would suggest forfeiture of the previous rent fee.
Mr president, I know this would be very much tasky especially with the short time you have a as student to prepare for exams. This is one way you should show your leadership skills by working with all student leaders, the faculty and departmental excos among others. This way, the work will be much easier for you.


While it is our greatest anticipation mr President that we resume and return back to school, you will agree with me that the announcement of the resumption and date of exam has left many people in dilemma, especially those in 300-500 level who will only have 7days to prepare for exams after being away for almost 10 months.
More so, as at the time of writing you this letter Mr president, the students are yet to have access to their exam time tables, which would make it extremely difficult for majority to begin to prepare or know where to start preparation.

Without doubt Mr president, many students fall to the category of those whose house were burgled and some are even yet to pay their rents and even fees, you will agree with me that it will be near impossible for such students to get the best out of themselves for this exams.

In the light of this, I would suggest that you use your good office to agitate for at least a week more shift in the commencement of the examination to allow students settle well and have a better preparation.


Ever gallant president, the effect of #Covid19 is not a respecter of anyone. Majority of the students in AAUA are from salary earning families, meaning that many of the parents and guardians are not finding it any easy, especially when the salary is not regular.
So, I would seek your commitment Mr president to see that all students be allowed to write the exams irrespective of their school fees payment status.
Should the “No payment no exam policy” surface, it will add more salts to the wounds of not just the students but the parents, and I can assure you that it will really tell on the university because many of her best students would definitely be affected.

Solicit that all your students write their exams!


You will agree with me Mr president, that one of the greatest challenge of an average Aauaite is “how” to get to their destination. On many occasions, some students have missed out on tests and some important classes due to shortage of shuttle busses.
Outside the university community as well, there are possibilities that that there might be hike in the transportation which I advise you take pro active steps to meet with those concerned or a reasonable price that will not break the bone of both sides.
It will really be a thing of praise for your administration if you can look into this!

“Permit me Mr president to join my voice with that of as many Aauaites as possible to reiterate our stand to making sure our union gets better and we will give our all to make sure that it indeed get better.

“While anticipating a favorable response through action from you, I wish you a happy resumption and success in your exams.”

13TH JANUARY, 2021


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