Student Writes Open Letter to Student Union President

An auspicious student studying political science in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko (AAUA), Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle from the faculty of Social and Management Science, took it as a point of duty to write an open letter to the Student Union President of AAUA.

Mr Folorunsho  titled the open letter,  (Aroko Si Ogagun Ijoba Awarawa)

The writer pointed out the tyrannical attitude of the president and also pointed out  that the president have erred from the lane of the struggle and he is obviously driving the affairs of AAUASU to the drainage of shameful destruction.

Here is the full open letter written by Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle;

(Aroko si ogagun ijoba awarawa)

“Dear Obagunwa Oluwasegun,
Firstly I would like to rub the oil of my grateful heart with you for your humanitarian service so far in the quest to serve Nigerian students, it’s no doubt that you have been selfless and proactive about tons of issues faced by aauaites from the beginning of your administration till now. I have always believe in your sagacity and vibrancy long before you emerge as the student union president which is why I was left with no doubt about you leading AAUASU.”

“Without adding much ingredients to the boiling water I would like to hit the nail on head, its so sardonic and disheartening that you have erred from the lane of the struggle and you are obviously driving the affairs of AAUASU to the drainage of shameful destruction. The student union is a movement not a government as you see it which is probably the reason you adopted the word “militocracy” as the motto of your administration and also self acclaimed “General” you chose to be.”

“The AAUA student union has a constitution piloting her ups and downs and not a military decree.”

“It has probably faded away from the atmosphere of your memory that the students union is not monarchical in nature rather it’s democratic and in democracy the will of the people shall prevail.”

You have made so many tyrannic statements in recent times which has made it clear even to the blind owl that you see being the student union president as a biggest thing you can actually achieve in your lifetime. You restricted yourself like a cripple almanjiri to chair of power you are sitting on today.”

“*If you are the incumbent SUG PRESIDENT will you be agitating for election that will take you out of office…*”

“The question is do you have plan to graduate at all? and if yes, what if the school management did not find it convenient to hold the students union election in 2yrs time you still want to be leading AAUASU from the corner of your room or wherever you find yourself?
No doubt if as the students union president you cannot agitate for the union election it shows how cripple our union has been in your hand so far. Yorubas will say “ _omo ai je’obe ri tin ja epo si aya_”.

”As dem don announce my OGA anybody Wey check am go collect..

“From the above statement you have made it known to us that the student union that was supposed to be an independent and less partisan body and clearly the union is not serving that purpose anymore, hence you decided to be a puppet by issuing threat to anyone who try to call you to order and your unborn voice has been killed. All these has been and will only send the relevancy of the union into exile and it will boil down to the students as unfavorable policies will be inflicted without any consideration or fear rebellion.
The students union cannot continue to a be ass licker and a legitimate means of oppressing the oppressed. The gods of aluta cannot say a prayer to whosever is compromising the struggle which many gave their life for. AAUAITES have seen and heard enough of your atrocities and they needed a change of power to clear the mess you put us in, which is the reason behind the clamor for the students union election.”

“I write to you to as a friend you are and to lure your heart to do the needful before the needful will be done on you, before AAUAITES will rebel against your futile long serving administration which has brought more tears to us than smile. You may be suffering from historical amnesia but AAUAITES will not forget the havocs and apocalypses you have on brought upon them so far, pull off the garment of power before they set it ablaze, dear friend enough is enough.”

“I await a positive response which is the news of you advocating for the change AAUAITES are demanding for or probably your negative response of threats of any form which has been way of approaching criticisms, As you know that I am not anonymous neither am i an accident of history, I am part and parcel of the struggle so far, I am Comrade Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle (Shelter of Freedom).”

“Yours in struggle,
Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle
July 5, 2021.”


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