Student writes open letter to AAUASU on Dangote compensation ultimatum

A 300 level student of Political Science in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Adewole Adeyemi wrote to the office of the Student Union executive members about their decision on demanding compensation from Dangote group of company.

The Student Union leaders in an interview with THE PUNCH newspaper demanded for a considerable compensation from Dangote Group. The leaders  gave the company an ultimatum to meet their demands or face a wrath of the students.

In his letter, he brings forth the misunderstanding that might occur as a result of the ultimatum they made.

Mr Adewole Adeyemi, also known as Classic in his letter wrote;


“To the Students’ Union Government leaders

“With great humility, extreme sobriety and solidarity, I implore you to go through this correspondence in good faith, with great sense of objectivity and give it a swift demonstration.

“I must commend your collective efforts as regards the incident that occurred on Saturday 23rd January, 2021 in ensuring that such occurrence does not persist. These efforts among others are evident, audible to the deaf and visible to the blind, in the erection of the barricade along Ikare-Akungba. Your relentless efforts at reaching out to the students under treatment at various hospitals through the financial support accrued from well meaning students and philanthropists. We want to be of the firm belief that those finances have been expended judiciously and conscientiously.

“There are no true words that can be offered to the family of those who tragically lost their lives on that fateful day. My prayers are with the families of those who got caught up in this tragic incident. If we keep mourning and sobbing it won’t bring back our lost souls but we can devise means of preventing future occurrences, part of which has been stated earlier.

“The video making the rounds by the leaders of the Union at the different arms issuing an ultimatum to Dangote Group of Company to make compensations to the families of the deceased has been seen by jejune. Apparently, this is a good move but to the view of the populace, it is believed that the Union is stretching its arms forward for alms. Several questions have been ruminating within individuals on this move which include;

“Won’t the integrity of the union be at stake since the ultimatum has been tagged “begging”?

“Is there any ulterior motive for demanding compensations?

” Is Dangote’s compensations the lasting solutions?

“Has the Union engaged the government?

“What is the stance of the management?

“If Dangote eventually compensates, how are the indigenes going to benefit? Because some indigenes also lost their beloved ones.

“Leaders, remember it is the duty of government to prioritize the security and welfare of the people, as enshrined in Section 14(2) of the CFRN. Let us deal with the mundane things and stop chasing shadows because it becomes a problem, when the contingencies are taken as the substance.

“Leaders, you have always encouraged us not to be defeated by our sense of observation when you were elected into office, proclaimed that we should all try in our possible best not to lose our sanity, with great sense of not being defeated by our sense of observation and not losing our sanity, the entire students constituency of this University request your swift demonstrations as regard the content of this pen pal.

“God bless AAUA,
God bless Ondo State,
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

“From a concerned and observing pen pusher. I remain humble and I will never fumble.

Speaking with AAUA INSIDER, Mr Adeyemi said the most important issue that should be at the mind of the Student Union executive members for now should be the agitation for the dualization of Akungba/Ikare road.

Thousands of houses and shops with no step back area will go with it likewise AAUA campus fence. But it will be more favorable to lose buildings than lives.

He goes forth and advice the SU not to put the unnecessary things as priority as they have started and been doing well.

The decision made by the Student Union Government should be looked into as this is not just going to cause misunderstanding but however will slow down the academic calendar which has once been delayed by the pandemic as well as ASUU strike.


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