Student Reveals Concerns About AAUA’s Lecture Theaters’ Toilets

An auspicious and conscious student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle, has shared his concerns about the dilapidating condition of the lecture theaters’ toilets in AAUA.

The 300 level AAUAite from the department of Political Science called the school management attention to it in a write-up he titled “AAUA LECTURE THEATERS DEVASTATED TOILETS.”


Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle
(Shelter Of Freedom)
Majiyagbe Of Yoruba land.

“Health is wealth” they say but it is worrisome that AAUA students are paying an exorbitant amount of school fees but are not getting healthy treatment in return. This has drawn the captivating and courageous eyes of my pen closer to the painful abnormality sitting on the table of nonchalantness.

The state and condition of the university lecture theaters toilets are so porous and not healthy for use, while it even irritating eyes of toleration. The need for a swift and consistent intervention to the welfarism of the students is mandatory and should be the priority of the school management and other relevant quarters.

The lecture theaters toilets are far from being usable, while some of them are being locked up by the cleaners, some are without running water and good plumbings which have left them in devastation and stinky status.

It is absolutely heartbreaking and dusty to eyes to see AAUAites going inside deep bush whenever they are pressed while on campus, the university environment is becoming so unhealthy for students and gradually it is getting swept away by flood of urine.

By implication, students are being exposed to all sorts of deadly diseases every day; cholera and other toilet diseases have found a home with us due to the polluted and nonfunctioning toilets on campus.

Imagine being desperately pressed in Awo hall, NLT 900, and other far lecture theaters, and one cannot get any toilet to use, then you are left with no choice but to go home or do your thing in the nearest bush around or probably run down to the public toilet around Aluta market which is not even “functioning” again.

It will be inhumane to continue seeing students go through this trauma as it is expected of the school management to provide necessary working facilities for the students.

A visit to the office of the Dean of Students Affairs alongside some other comrades to relay these grievances but it’s so disappointing that the Dean was not on sit, nevertheless we register our complaints with the secretary who promised to relay them to the Dean for necessary actions, yet AAUAImite has not gotten any feedback.

On this note, I beseech the school management, students union, and other concern quarters to swiftly look into this problem being faced by the students on campus and bring about possible and consistent solutions.

Confidence flows in my blood, eloquent flows in my saliva, I am not an accident of history, I am part and parcel of the struggle so far, I am a victim of this trauma, I am Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle (Shelter Of Freedom), Majiyagbe Of Yoruba land.

Thank you.

©️ Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle
August 31, 2021.

This post is published on AAUA INSIDER with minimal editing to preserve the original message of the author.


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