Student Sends Congratulatory Open Letter to the Department Elected President

An auspicious student, Patrick Otu Owolabi of the department of philosophy gave out his congratulatory open letter message to the just elected president of the department, Ogunmusure Michael also known as Prince Mike.

Below is the congratulations message to NAPS president-elect.


Dear Mr President-Elect,

My heartfelt congratulations on your victory on the last poll in Philosophy Department and my best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the mantle of leadership and challenges of the office.

As you embark upon your new leadership sojourn, remember, you sized to represent either in cabal or group of any individuals in the department, any decisions that doesn’t conform with the interest of the NAPSITES should not be entertain, the interest of the NAPSITES should be your priority. The interest of the NAPSITES should come first.

You served in the last administration and you know the lapses and the shortcomings, I pray God give you more knowledge and understanding to able to put things back on track which have long been haywire in our department. I hope you’ll easily fulfill all your promises especially academics stuff which is the first priority of all NAPSITES in the campus.

Moreover, kindly have it in mind that, the unity of NAPS is bigger than anyone and I also urge you to extend olive branch to all your opponents for the progress and betterment of NAPS.

Like you said in the Manifestos Day ‘THE LEGACY YOU WANT TO LEAVE BEHIND’, the legacy you’ll leave behind in your administration will speak alot about you.

I hope you’ll lead us well and serve us better, so that you’ll be remember you for good in the NAPS.

I wish you and your newly elected cabinet members success in your administration.

Patrick Owolabi O.
Award Winning Writer | Rights Activist.


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