Sports: the newly launched ceremonial outfit for AAUA football team

The football team of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) recently launched a new jersey produced by Owu Company for ceremonial purpose.

The football team took it as a point of duty to present the jersey to the Vice Chancellor at his office.

In an interview with AAUASU Sport Director, Adelowo Adebayo popularly known as Lovebayor, accompanied with the team captain Adekimoye Omotayo, it was explained that the newly launched jersey was gotten for uniformity during ceremonial occasions and it is highly different from the normal football jersey for playing matches.

Howbeit, the school has lots of jersey for the school team but those are for playing matches not ceremonial. It was revealed that the idea of having a new jersey was suggested while they were having a team discussion and it was planned to be worn to the forthcoming universities pre-league football qualifiers tournament at the University of Benin to portray uniformity and as well for easy identification.

According to sources, it was obtained that the team players individually contributed the money for the production of the jersey, when it occurred to them that the University budget allocation for sport is minimal.

The captain of the football team revealed that the production of jersey can also be used for commercial purpose in order to have much income in the sport sector and not just rely on the school at most times. He disclosed this after their visit to the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Olugbenga Ige to present the new ceremonial jersey.

According to the captain, he is covinced that giving room to private persons can also make the sport sector in the school experience a tremendous development in terms of organizing tournament at most times with a renowned publicity as a way to attract private persons.

However, before things like this will work perfectly, it’s best for the school to at least establish more than a football pitch in order to have the main pitch not subjected to many as people having unnecessary matches to play leading to uncontrollable uproar accompanied with nonchalant vandalisation of spectators seats and other facilities accompanied with barricades as a hindrance to easy access to the pitch.

The Sport Director said, “We have lots of activities for the students in this second semester which one among is the sport festival as my own innovation. Albeit, that is not just all because there are lots of activities I have premeditated on for the students of AAUA, so they should stay anticipated for lots of interesting sport activities but not to distract the academic sector.”

He also said, “My advice for the next AAUASU Sport Director is that he should take the path I have laid down, continue my uncompleted agenda and as well try as much as possible to innovate meaningful things that will make the school sport sector top notch among other sectors.”


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