SOMASSA President Breaks Silence On The Current Situation Of The Faculty Lecture Theater

The President of faculty of Social and Management Science, Salam Gbolahan Ajibolat, has reacted to the recent situation of the faculty lecture theater.

Prior to the president’s reaction. AAUA students especially students from the faculty have been complaining aboutthe poor condition of the faculty lectures theater.

Report has it that the faculty lecture theaters had been in total darkness for months, the SOMASSA LT that have eight block rooms, but only one of the LT is having a stable light, while others are without light.

Comrade Salam Gbolahan on Sunday night while fielding questions from AAUAINSIDER Correspondent stated that all hands are on desk as they will be providing for the needs of the students anytime soon because all the necessary materials has been gotten.

According to him, “Thank you very much for your concern and for the need to get a quantified information. Actually the state of the lecture theatre is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, it’s not something we are proud of.

“I can inform you categorically that we saw this coming and as a set of proactive comrades we presented a budget at the level of the house, which was approved without delay but the issue here lies with the department of works.

“I’m sure you are aware that an outsider can not be allowed to do the electrical work without professionals from the work department. All hands are on desk as they will be doing it anytime soon because all the necessary materials has been gotten.

“Though as regards lightening up the LT and putting electrical bulbs we would have love to do that ourselves, but overtime now all administrations have been fixing bulb’s and some set of people everyday would steal it.

“To avoid that and unnecessary expenses we’ve written to the work department to help raise up the wire to avoid the stealing of bulbs.”


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