#SaveAkungba: AAUA Students Call on Gov. Akeredolu’s Intervention Over Incessant Accidents and Other Issues

It can be recalled that an unfortunate fatal accident occurred on October 31st 2020 around the hours of 7pm on Ibaka market road before getting to Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) main gate. This incident brought fears to the minds of students and residents of Akungba community.

The incessant accidents on Akungba road and other students-life-wasting issues like robbery, bad drainage leading to flood, lack of adequate electricity and more prompted the action of some students to take to their social media handle most preferably Twitter. To call upon the state government led by Governor Rotimi Akererdolu to intervene in the deplorable state the community has found themselves in.

This action was led by @oloyenaija, @TheOluwadarmie and @AauaAmebo, AAUA insider correspondent was able to follow through the trend with the tag #SaveAkungba that made the top trends after it started at 7pm Monday 2nd November 2020. Here are some of the tweets seen and followed by AAUA Insider:


The above tweets were monitored by AAUA Insider Correspondent as the students call out for Ondo State government intervention towards the community. We hope the Government listens to the yearnings of the student and come to the aid of Akungba community in Ondo State.



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