Resumption: Revision of academic calendar, students react

Eye balls have been raised, tongues have been restless on resumption and revision of 2019/2020 academic calendar stating that students should resume January 17, 2021, and the first semester examination commence January 24, 2021.

Ever since students of the institution vacate their hall of residence with immediate effect following the directive of the State Governor on closure of all primary, secondary and tertiary institution in the State due to Covid-19 outbreak in the country. The ASUU nationwide strike, which lasted for about 10 months extended the long overdue holiday for students and lecturers.

In November 2020, the Federal Government and ASUU reached an agreement, which later made the government to pronounce January 18, 2021 for the reopening of all Public University.

Meanwhile, the school Senate held meeting held on the January 12, 2021, for the revision of 2019/2020 academic session. The revision of the academic calendar and the reopening of the school have caused so many comments from the student at large.

AAUA INSIDER correspondents were able to gather opinions of students amid the release of the revised calendar.

Student should acknowledge the precautions amid the Covid-19, which is the use of face mask, use of hand sanitizer, washings of hands, avoiding of crowded spaces and others should be adhered to by the students.

“Students should also reset to face harsh time in school because it seems to be so flag basted knowing that examination will commerce in two weeks from now, that 300l-500l student are to commence their examination on the 24th of January. Student should not relent on reading rather personal reading because no much time, so student have been for about 10months now and they should have prepare ahead of this resumption,” ESECOOL said.

Another student, Aishat, said: “It’s very much commendable for the release of the circular, but the date given it’s so close for preparation. When we look at those of the low class who finds it difficult to afford 3 square meal a day is been given such time, where do they expect them to get money at short notice?  There wouldn’t have been much harm giving student 2 weeks’ notice before resumption”.

“The margin is too close because we should have been informed earlier than this to make further preparation. It’s a good though, just like I pray they should refresh our brain before examination so that their wouldn’t be mass failure,” Fatimah speaking on the short notice.

Another student, Daramola, said: “It’s a good development but anything is possibly right due to the surge of Covd-19 cases and the possibility of the Federal Government announcing another lockdown. It is a good development; I just hope it can be sustained”.

Elite, a student speaking with AAUA INSIDER said: “We’ve stayed long overdue at home and it’s good the time have come for us to resume.

Akaname Ezekiel Simisola said: “Well, for me, I’m actually glad they’ve finally decided to reopen the school because it has been long awaited. Though, the circular was much expected, it still came as a shock to some people,. As regards the precautions put in place, I believe the school management has put in place certain measures like the hand washing sinks erected in front of the school gate and the hand sanitizers at certain points and the enforcement of No Mask, No Entry.

“Now the school cannot overpressure/force the students to follow these guidelines but my advice to all students is that they take the necessary precautions so as to avoid stories that touch. Let’s endeavor to use our face masks, wash our hands regularly and sanitize them and try as much as possible to maintain physical distancing. May God help us and protect us from evil. Thank you. Once again, Happy Resumption”.

There’s nothing ‘we’ the students can do about it, we have to follow whatever the management says.

“And still on the circular, I don’t think we can write our exam on the proposed date because they only gave us a week to revise which we have been home for almost a year now which is impossible for us to Catch up within a week. They should try to give us some time to prepare and study for the examination,” Olokede Ezekiel Ayodeji said.

A faculty president known as Oloyede Zaccheaus ‘Zaehkman’ said: “I have no other motives to the Circular released. But the school Managements should please, prepare well for students as we are not of the same type in fast learning.



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