OPINION: Religion As a Cloaking Failure In Society

Our society is deteriorating daily but no one is even ready to question the menace, neither is there reliability on bodies established to checkmate individuals anymore. People tend to do what they like, hurt whom they want, steal and fiddle just in their own way without any question.

The religion we all put trust in and celebrate massively contribute to class struggle, applauding the rich, irrespective of their source, through extortion or exploitation. Consequently, these contribute to the spike in extortion.

Economic mismanagement, political tyranny, abuse of the law, insecurity among other factors also contribute to the large failure of the society. Unfortunately, We find it easier to heap fault at the government, when the influence of religion should also be subjected to questioning.

Religious rulers now campaign in a prayer tone by commanding their members to pray for a political candidate due to their political affiliations. Even their political wins are celebrated elaborately.

While members suffer for the incompetence and mismanagement of such political persons without any religious castigation, the leaders are appeased by the political members behind closed doors.

Where you get your money from is no more a concern, what you do for a living is no more a concern, how much you earn is no more a concern. However, failure to pay tithe is basically a failure to make heaven and prosper in life by religious leaders.

Young fiddlers now go to different religious places to get some fetish preparations for them to make money devoid of hard work. This sequence of events -without meaning harm to any religion- in particular, bring different questions to mind

Why are religious rulers deceptive and not factual? Why do they misconstrue their Scriptures for personal gain?

On average, more than 70% of members professing allegiance to religion are average and poor. The same people are often coerced to pay tithes and offerings after paying tax. With the mass of all they’ve put into making their religion great financially and spiritually, they still can’t afford what their religious rulers used their money to construct and establish.

Pitifully, there’s a mix up somewhere in the religious sector which most individuals are gullibly blind to see.

It’s best for every individual in society to be cognizant of the fact that the primary goal of religion is spreading the gospel of humanity. Therefore, giving religious leaders undue credence and autonomy to lord over our thoughts and control our decision, which enables them to subject us to unfair situations, should be handled sensibly. Maybe that explains why God created human beings to think rationally.

Editor’s note: This piece was published with minimal editing to retain the author’s intent. 


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