AAUASU gives reason for suspending forthcoming social event

A newsletter was released from the office of the social committee on scrapping the scheduled social activities (show) set to hold on January 20, 2021 from the office of the Director of Socials (AAUA) due to some reasons.

This correspondent took it as a point of duty to engage the social director of the Student Union to get some information on the suspension of the social activities.

The letter reads as follow;


“I write on behalf of the committee members of AAUASU DIRECTOR OF SOCIALS to order the immediate scrapping of the show set to hold on 20th Jan 2021 from the office of the Director of socials (AAUA) due to the following reasons…

“Coming at a period like this when the world is undergoing a great Pandemic it is unreliable to a youth to organize a show, the fact that leaders go against laws doesn’t mean we Youths should also go astray.

“Exams are coming, the office of the social director should work with the appropriate offices who are responsible for taking students on tutorials and have a massive tutorial for students across all the faculties.

“The state already sent out a public notice and warning about social gatherings and late night parties. Hosting a party at this period of time is like you putting the lives of our students at risk even if safety precautions are on ground already. The state Government stated it out clearly that no gathering should be more than 20 people or so.

“Aside that we need to understand that this is not just a public party but a party mean for students of an institution i.e. The management will be partially aware. Base on the resumption memo, the management stated it clear on line 5 that everything that have to do with covid 19 and its precautions, this means that the management wouldn’t be in support of any gathering that will put the life of her students at risk.

“The management isn’t ready to run an academic calendar, they only called us in just for examination and having a party doesn’t really worth the risk.

“For this reason and many others which I won’t like to go further into, we hereby scrap  the proposed show.


Sen. Johndammy

(Social committee chairman)


Sen. Oluwaferanmi

(Gen.Sec Social committee)

The interview with the social director went smoothly by him telling us the basic reason why the show organized by his office was later scrapped.

Speaking with this correspondent, the Social Director, Emoruwa Adeoye popularly known as Adegreat, said he is glad that a fellow departmental mate is making exploit in media and he is not willing to put the students at risk, and does not want to breach the rules and regulations of the school.

“I’m glad to see my departmental mate making exploit in publishing and broadcasting service.”

“Well as we all know the school management just want us to resume to  have our exams, and due to the present situation of the pandemic (COVID-19) and also the insecurities in Akungba environs is much. Putting the lives of the students at is risk is uncalled for, and I don’t want to breach the rules and regulations of the school management”.

He further stated that the legislative arm of the Student Union body concluded to cancel the event. He also apologize for the disappointment to AAUA students.

“And also we have some legislative arms of the students union who are the social committees we reach an agreement to cancel the event.

“This isn’t from my office; it’s from the office of the social committee.

“The state government made it known that no gathering must be more than 20 people.

“I’m deeply sorry to disappoint all AAUAites. We will make it up to them after the upcoming examination.”



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