Due to the past sardonic occurrences of accident, claiming lives and property, the students have been so much concerned and pleading that a final solution should be brought to the situation.

The Students’ Union has been doing all it could to make sure the lives of her people are save. Ranging from spiritual aspects (prayer walks and other spiritual undertakings) to physical actions(mounting barricades, proposing speed limit sign and others).

After the last accident that happened around Adefarati, on Ikare to Akungba road, it was fascilitated that the Governor of Ondo state, H.E Rotimi Akeredolu visited the scene of the accident. People poured out their plights and the union was duly represented by its President, Comrade Obagunwa Supreme. The Governor promised to find a lasting solution to stop the road accident on Akungba roads.

As efforts are being made, both spiritual and physical, to stop the evil, another accident occurred some days ago, which claimed three lives.

The Office of the Public Relations Officer noted with concern, the opinions of the students and laid a platform on ‘a channel for the union’ for people to say their minds on what they think should be done to stop accident on the roads.

Majority of those who answered, suggested the mounting of bumps on the road. But another Comrade, Baba Shade suggested that bumps might not be a lasting solution because the topography of the town would make things worst. He said ” Bumps won’t stop this itch, it will even become worse you can’t put bumps on a hilly road, it will be so bad, let the government dredge the road like that of Ikare and make it double lane and this madness will stop”

Some people also opined that the road should be dualised, this was part of the solutions discussed with the state Government.

In one of the opinions yesterday, a student who goes by the name Uthman Albdulazeez also suggested in full words below;

“Good evening Com. BarryFem.

Yeah, by accessing and studying the nature of the accidents that occurred.

Firstly, those accidents were caused by a vehicle coming from Ikare road, and the major cases are over speeding and brake failure. Looking at this, it tells us that the first solution to bring in should be on how to reduce road users’ speed to a certain limit, within the student’s vicinity.

Mind you leader, the causing of accidents are not limited to trailers only, cars, bus, bike kills too. All should be considered when providing a solution.

My suggestion is this, we can first raise the awareness for speed reduction by erecting display boards to notify motorists that students are on the road and they shouldn’t speed beyond a certain speed.

The second suggestion is by molding speed breakers on the road, starting as far as Ikare road if possible to Iwaro junction.

I think we should be having hold-ups is better than losing students.

No one knows who’s next.

I do commend your administration under the leadership of Com. Supreme. For putting the students at heart always but I think there is still more to be done.

I hope my suggestions will be looked at, help to pass this to the President and I wish to have his contact also.

Thanks, Aluta Parrot.”

In conclusion, we want to state it emphatically, that the union is very concerned about how to stop the lugubrious happenings, to protect and promote the students interests and fight for their rights.

Coupled with the measures taken by the union, it shall be ensured that proper attention is paid to the road for a lasting solution.

Most importantly, let’s not stop praying against evil occurrences in our land.

Stay Safe!


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  • The AAUA Insider Team

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  1. Students are not Chicken!!!!!
    Who knows the next person??
    Let’s fight for our rights 💪
    I think the solution to the incident that happened some day’s back, I think the solution to this problem is to call on Ondo State Government to work on the road not ordinary bump.
    The government should work on how the road will be dualise.
    All the road construction he did in ikare are good but that suppose to be in akungba at first.


  2. Good morning pls I think you are blind about this issue on ground I can say it boldly in any place that akungba land is one cursing this rubbish.the gods are not happy with the land.take a look at the accident which claim so many life before the one that happen on Sunday if you can remember that that same day there was a gas explosion which happen in a villa at adefarati which claim like 4lifes.the student Union are trying there best for the safety of the student but dey can’t know what is happening because of civilization.i want to tell you if the student Union can go and tell the king,chiefs and elders in the town that dey don’t want this thing to happen again and treating Dem if such happen that there will be a penalty for them to face I think dey will try and plead to their gods.accident happened every week in akungba and those cultist self kill there self everyday.i’m not saying the government shul not do the road or going against the road but you guys shul just think what I’m telling you now.someone told me again that yesterday that there is going to be another fatal accident that will happen next month again in akungba.let me tell you this:if they like make Dem do 4lay what will happen will happen.dey said na trailer dey kill before but now na bus won dey kill for akungba.is better you guys think very because is becoming too much

  3. In my own opinion, I think all these happening, the kings and chiefs can’t say they know nothing about it.We should just keep on praying and let the students make it known to the chiefs and king that we are not ok with all that happening,they should look for solution to it,it their land, we’ve only come there to learn,they should pity our parents too

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