OPINION: Preparation Time

While I was in secondary school, there was a designated period we call ‘Prep time’, after academic activities for the day.

That period was set aside by the school management for students to revise everything they’ve been taught during school hours.

During this period, students are expected to read, do assignments and also do group reading with their classmates.

This period helps students to gain more knowledge about a particular subject through group reading and interaction with other students in the class.

Unfortunately, most students take this period with levity. They play, gist or sleep during the prep period.

Prior to my secondary school graduation, I made a discovery. If one can make good use of that period by reading, struggling during the examination period will be minimal.

Most students fall sick during the examination period as a result of sleepless nights because they failed to prepare before the examination.

As a result, their severe attempts to catch up on missed academic activities lead to sleepless nights and illness.

Youths and teenagers must accept the truth that they are in preparation time. In their best interest, such a period should be used to plan for the future.

It is saddening that the young ones are pursuing mundane values and trivial activities.

You need to stop activities that will put your life in danger in the future. Ooh! Do you think you still have ten or twenty years before you face your future? It will soon be up in a twinkle of an eye. Time and tide wait for no man!

Happy International Youth Day! Be aware that you are in preparation time and any decision you make today will reflect in your life tomorrow. Make the right decisions! Develop yourself during this period, invest in yourself! Also, your future and the future of your country lies in your hands, what are you doing to it? Take care of your personality and your reputation.

Earn a good name for yourself. Don’t be a part of the social crisis going on in the country, instead, rise to the development and improvement of any society you find yourself in and be a lifesaver.

Happy International Youth Day once again.


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