OJÚ LALÁ KÀN FÍ ÑSÓRÍ (Letter to AAUAITES) | By Otu O. Patrick (Pen’lord)

There is a saying in Yoruba language that: ’Oju la lakan fi sori’. The Yorubas in their wisdoms admonish one to be always watchful of the happenings around him in other to avoid being caught up in a danger. The present security situation in AAUA warrant that, one be watchful in other not be a victim.

It is an open secret that there is porosity in Akungba’s security, and by extension Nigeria. Security over here seems to be deteriorating for the past few weeks, but nothing is done in savaging the menace which is gradually becoming an epidemic.

Incessant robberies most especially in Permanent site is becoming unbecoming. Our students are being robbed on daily basis at gun point, but nothing serious is being done to arrest or better still curb the situation. Burglar(s) coming to Students’ Villas taking properties worth hundreds of thousands naira, but no one is talking about that. Sad.

It occurs to me that the men of the Nigerian Police Akungba Branch has failed in protecting the lives and properties of the students.

We have had quite a number of attacks on the students with no single person being arrested or held responsible. It won’t be out of place to say that our security apparatus have failed us, in providing us the protection which it should.

We are now at the mercies of our Tormentors( Faceless robbers), hence challenging us to be conscious of what’s happening around us.

As our first semester examination is fast approaching one cannot, but go to night tutorials as it is incumbent on one to read in other to pass, however, it is advisable to sleep on campus when it’s late, than leaving campus for your various homes. The Yorubas will say: ‘oju lala kan nsori’.

There is nothing bad in going to a friend’s place, but waiting till it’s late before leaving, as it is now, is not safe. Having to charge your phone(s) somewhere close to your villa is not bad, however, not leaving when others leave might not be safe enough for you.

As Christians, Muslims or Traditionalists serving the Almighty God is of utmost concern to you, however, going to vigil at the moment isn’t safe. It is the responsibility of our security apparatus to provide security for us, but since they are lagging behind, it’s expected of us to be watchful by taking necessary measures; even the good book admonish us to be watchful.

It is only the LIVING that can actually sit and write an examination, charge his/her phones, worship the Almighty God, the DEAD cannot.

You’re the first security to your LIFE, and best way to secure your LIFE is to be WATCHFUL.

HEAVEN they say ‘help those who help themselves’. Oju lala kan nsori, My Dearest AAUAITES, #SecureYourLifeFirst and rest shall given unto you.

This article was published with minimal editing to preserve the originality of the author.


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  • Adedokun Boluwatife

    Adedokun Boluwatife an undergraduate of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba akoko is A writer, a campus journalist. she's passionate concerned about influencing the world positively with the power of pen.

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