NSASA is the best student association AAUA ever had — Korede

One of the purposes of Student Unionism is to build and imbibe leadership qualities in youths for National development. This correspondent had an exclusive interview with the President of National Sociological and Anthropology Student Association (NSASA), Akanni Olukorede Sheriff, popularly known as Sen. Korede.

The Sociologist talked about the hassle and bustle of student leadership.

Kindly give a brief introduction of yourself.

My names are Akanni Olukorede Sheriff, popularly known on campus as Korede. I am the elected President of the department of Sociology.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I started my first phase educational life some years ago at FOURAH-BAY N/P School in Owo, Ondo State where I had my primary school certificate and also proceeded to her secondary school. Although, I did not finished there before moving to Lagos where I had my secondary school certificate at Brain Builder’s International College (BBIC) 2012/13 academic session at Egbeda, Lagos. And with his grace, I’m here at AAUA pursuing my first degree which I’ll be rounding up soon as a certified sociologist

How did your formal leadership position prepare you to be the President of NSASA?

Sincerely, the journey wasn’t that easy but at the end of it all I’ll say Alhamdulillah..! Let’s say I started preparing myself for the next phase of my political career while I was a senator because then was when I knew it takes a lot to be a responsible leader and not just a leader as our people will always say.

How do you feel as the president of NSASA?

Really good because it’s really an opportunity for me to show what I’ve got to offer and pray not not to disappoint myself and NSASA at large.

What are your mandates during your campaign?

unlike other aspirant while contesting, they’ll promise heaven and earth but for me; I believe in moving things forward for better with utmost good faith, also known by its Latin name: “uberrimae fidei” and with the co-operations of my executives and Almighty Allah by my side, the administration it’s going to be a successful one.

What have you achieved so far?

I thank God for what I’ve been able to do so far even though this pandemic did not allow us in as much as we were prepared for.

The Fresher’s orientation was a successful one and all other programs that came with the orientation. Thou we’re still looking forward for more before the pandemic but I’ll say NSASAITES should look forward for more.

What are your challenges so far?

Sincerely I’ll say there have not been any challenges, NSASAITES are wonderful and I so much love their co-operations in all ways.

How can you describe your co-working relationship with other executives?


We’ve been working together tirelessly and we’ll continue to work till our people are satisfied.

What can you about NSASA STUDENT UNIONISM from inception till date?

It’s impressive and I love our consciousness and readiness to take responsibility…. I must say NSASA is the best student’s association AAUA ever had.

I’ll use these opportunity to shout out to all NSASAITES for being conscious and active in all ways. I love them all for that.

Give a message to NSASAites and AAUAites

My message to all NSASAITES ANS AAUAITES at large is  that whatever you find yourself doing, Do it diligently because people are watching you.

Being a student is a life opportunity, use it wisely.



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