#NoSchoolFeeNoExam: An Open Door To Produce Street Students -Joseph Oreoluwa

It is evil for a 21st century University to come up with such hard heartened policy which is capable of destructing the dreams of our future leaders who will one day place Nigeria our great country back on it feet again but it appears AAUA  school management are blind to this rather than saving the future they rather murder the unborn solutions in cold blood.

This evil must stop and never find it way to action or else AAUA would be lick blood at it dinning table rather than enjoying the product of their labour.  AAUA is should be adviced to end it unthinkable action and see the need to preserve the great destiny of this students.

How can sure a policy be implemented when the lives and future of our dear nation has crumbled with even education in Nigeria standing as a barrier to the success of our dear nation? If Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko fails to review their law then they call for a war and not only war but a future death to the ambition of their students.

How can you expect a student that is yet to pay normal school fee to pay additional N10,000 fine for late registration.  if such students or their parents have the tuition, they would have paid since. it is obvious that most of these leaders are heartless, while most of them enjoyed scholarship during their days, but they are now putting more financial burden on the less privileged. Students should be given the room to sit for examination without any hindrance as it is their right .

Whenever such a policy as this is enacted it Spurs up reactions and actions that will be endanger lives as well as  destroy  properties in AAUA


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