Nigerian System Built On Red Sea Of Corruption


You might be wondering what this headline and the content below is about, it’s about our country, Nigeria. I was ruminate about how can we change the ways of our government system to a new one that engender all round growth in crucial and integral part of our governance, after a long while I discovered every solution coming to my mind will have one ill or the other, but why? The feasibility of the solutions are being aggressively attacked by singular agent, corruption, which has eaten the nooks and crannies of our country, which as a result of it make it difficult for any solution offered to help our governance system and her entire polity look impossible to materialize and the malaise like biblical mount of Zerubbabel.

The Truth haunting us is clear but we are just trying to pad it to make it not look like the real problem, our governmental system is highly infested with corruption and no nation can thrive with astronomical rate of corruption even the biblical verse make a support of it that Truth is what elevates a nation.

The alarming and appaling part of it is that the corruption has now become a parasite in our farm ready to destroy all that should be our outputs and productivity that even the so called followers at every sector, parastatal and society are becoming more corrupt that the leaders which is a factor we must be fearful of as a nation, the young generations are now becoming more corrupt that the older generations, making the future of this nation in the hands of almost dashed hope.

As a result of the corrupt system that has become norms in our terrain, our young generations are now embracing corrupt and fraudulent acts as a way to thrive which they can’t be fully blamed because they met a government system and policy that free and celebrate criminal acts, now obeying the popular maxim, errors not corrected will soon become the acceptable way of living which we are living in its testimony now in our dear country, Nigeria.

The worst part of it, it’s being published that What we make as annual revenues are not enough to take care of our annual expenses which implies we borrow every years to make end needs, while part of what is not enough are still being stolen by some unscrupulous people. How do you want a nation to thrive in this case? The government is complaining of not making enough incomes to cater for our needs yet these public officers take that lion share of the incomes to sort their needs, a struggling developing nation paying her public officers one of the highest pay in the whole world, how do we cope with these issues. In a patriotic settings, cutting down the extravagant pay of the public officers should be the first step to take if we are serious about developing this country before it collapses on us, unfortunately, they will not do that because of their selfish interest which is even growing to every part of the nation.

Even those that are business men and women, civil servants, public officers are now seeing government projects as avenue to have their own share in the national cake, committing all sort of unspeakable criminal and theft acts, making corruption growing like grass in our land that can not be easily controlled.

Politics that is mean for serving greater masses of the society for all round development of the nation that now turn to business where people are venturing to for big cash out. So appalling, dreadful and disgusting. Making the better future of this country questionable. To the extent that a minute or zero percentage of the public officers that have served our country can have 100% corruption free track records. I hope our country find her right part in the midst directionless ocean of difficulties she found herself.

Not to be like every other social commentator that come on online space to write about the woeful situation of our dear country,leaving about proffering their opinionated solutions that can help us improve as a nation because we can only get out of these mess by constant improvement policy from every stakeholders in the threshold of power including you reading these pieces.

Our solution to this deeply engulfed malaise that has castrated all our system is not a highly sophisticated computational puzzle or equation. If we are to thrive as a nation, like the popular mantra from the present president of the nation, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the change begins with you, to every citizen of this nation, before anything we need to change our mindset of I want to have my share of the national cake, we citizen needs to tow the path of transparency and accountability, live a life that promote our country for better in our daily activities, from there we can introduce heavy government policies that will place huge punishment on anyone found of corrupt acts, also empower our judiciary arm to be able to regulate the control of corrupt acts in our community and make sure they are independent body not subjected to anyone for verdicts.

It’s when we can reduce corruption to the barest minimum that all other developmental policies and programmes can thrive.

If we are to thrive as a nation and take our place in the society of countries, corruption must be trampled to barest minimum and justice takes its rightful place.


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