Nigeria @ 61: On being a Nigerian

Successive leaders of this great country have abandoned the dreams of our founding fathers and replaced them with motivations of self-enlargement. The country is divided, people are very poor with insecurity to life and properties, living life seems worthless.

Every time, we witness how Nigerians disown their country and spew abusive words at their motherland. To use the word “celebration” in marking the 61st independence anniversary of this country today is a shameless act.

If truly we are independent, this is not how an independent country carries on. The country is morally weak, socially broken, religiously disoriented, and economically unconscious.

To move forward and progress, Nigeria needs big dreamers and more, especially people who would do things in an extraordinary way. To justify claims of being independent, Nigerians must see themselves as Nigerians and claim allegiance to their fundamental identity.

Nigerians need a sense of national pride and national spirit. There must be a genuine sense of belonging in this country we call ours. The political class and ruling elites must not give opportunities to a section of the country over others or treat others as unimportant citizens.

Leadership is not about selfish power but sacrifice to genuinely carry out a mission for the common good. As Nigeria marks her 61st independence anniversary, it is essential that she takes a leadership position in Africa and the black world.

Leaders should look at the exemplary roles the country can play and get rid of incompetence, greed, and covetousness. If there is anything worth celebrating at all, it is the resilience of Nigerians who have decided to own their country despite its battles by various categories of outlaws.

For this great nation to rise again, leaders must lead well and wean themselves off selfishness. Leaders and citizens must do their best to ensure that they desire a new and better Nigeria.

Citizens must be truly Nigerians by patronizing Nigeria, their country. Let’s make this country rise again by playing your own role.

Make Nigeria great again!

Happy Independence Day.

God bless Nigeria


Editor’s note: This article is published with minimal editing to preserve the intent of the writer.


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