NASS DECIDE: Large Turnout Recorded, D-Math Elected as President

Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko faculty of science held their election on the 2nd of November, 2021 due to the expiration of the tenure of Comrd. Oloyede Zaccheaus pka Comrd. Zeahkman  which  it’s now time for the NASS to decide the next set of executives who will oversee the affairs of the faculty

The students who turned out in mass to exercise their franchise are said to be the second faculty of science election which is based on the use of CBT instead of the ballot paper. The total accredited voters are 3,148, the number of voted students is 1,442, and the number of not voted students is 1,706.

The election which was held November 2, 2021, at the school CBT center began exactly at 11:30 am with the number of registered voters: 3,148, and the number of voted students is 1,442. Students that came outside to cast their vote were being told to come with their updated course registration or School I.D card.

During the election, the electoral chairman made an extension in the voting process because students were held stranded outside, and he extended the time from 1 pm which is the actual time to end the election to 2 pm to make it possible for students who are held outside to cast their vote.

While speaking with the Student Union P.R.O who is also the outgoing PRO for the faculty of science which is the person of Comrd. Asimbi from the department of Biochemistry said; “The election was free and fair as no casualty was recorded”.


Students in their thousands ready to exercise their franchise

Also while trying to hear the opinion regarding the election from the student our correspondent was able to with the caucus leader for the faculty of science which is the person of Sen. Edok from the department of Animal and Environmental Biology said; “The election went well and there was no cause for alarm anywhere as students were allowed to vote” he further said that “he is expecting this type of election the be happening co-currently in faculty of science”.

The electoral committee announcing the result

While speaking with the outgoing president Comrd. Zeahkman, said, “I am so amazed over the massive turn up by students and it is a great joy to me that students from the faculty of science are now politically conscious and awake”. He also made known to this reporter that this was the second E-voting election that the faculty will conduct in the history of NASS.

At the end of the election the electoral committee under the leadership of Mr. Ajio Omojogun Gabriel made the announcement of the election and pronounced D-Maths the newly elected president of the faculty.


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