I was a fresher on campus, seeing a guy I met through some friends. His name was Fred. We weren’t dating, just basically fuckbuddies. He would call me up whenever he was horny since he knew I’d be good to go. I was a horny campus slut.

One time, he took me to his friend’s party at a house on campus. We were going to see a game. I dressed comfortably for an afternoon, stretchy black trousers and a T-shirt.

Before the game, we were just drinking and hanging out. Fred suggested we have a drink outside, and we went to the back of the house where his car, a red sporty one, was parked. The next thing I know, Fred had bent me over on the hood of his car. In one motion, he pulled my pants down and slid into me from behind. I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked in broad daylight, right behind the house on the hood of a car.

No one was outside at the time, but it made me wet to know that anyone could have come outside at any point. He reached around and felt my tits under my shirt as he rammed his long cock into me over and over again. I don’t think anyone saw, but what’s more likely is that some people did see, and chalked it up to “that Fred is banging some slut again”. As these were his friends, not mine, no one at the party ever mentioned anything to me about it.

We went back inside and watched the game in the living room of the house. I remember sitting on the floor, drinking At one point, people passed around a bottle of alcohol drink I went from tipsy to drink. Very drunk. But not so drunk that I don’t remember what happened next.

The game ended and most people had left, the only people in the room are me and Fred now on the couch, and his friend Seyi (who lived there) sitting in the chair opposite us. Remember that I’m a horny slut, ready to fuck at any time. Fred looked over at Seyi and said, “Watch this.” I will never forget that, as he was eager to show his buddy how much of a slut I was. With Seyi watching, he started to pull my pants down. I let him. Seyi was a bit surprised that I wasn’t stopping him. Fred pulled my pants completely off, so I was only wearing my T-shirt and thong.

He then peeled off my thong while I took off my shirt and bra. He had me naked in front of his friend and he was ready to fuck me. My nipples were crazy hard with anticipation, and my pussy was swollen and dripping. I could not believe I was about to get violated right in front of someone I barely knew.

I instinctively got on all fours on the couch, my ass in the air, ready to take Fred’s hard cock. Seyi’s eyes got wide as Fred began to fuck me from behind, right there in front of him. Being on display like that made my pussy gush. I could see Seyi’s hand was in his pants, touching himself, and it made me want to be a dirty whore. After a couple of minutes, Fred pulled his cock out of me and demanded that I suck it.

Of course, I was eager to comply. We were now positioned on the couch so that my bare ass was facing the armrest of the couch while I was vigorously sucking and licking Fred’s hard dick.

Seyi walked over to us with his noticeable hard-on, and asked Fred “Hey, you mind if I….?” My pussy was leaking and throbbing. I was so excited when I heard Fred give him the go-ahead. We shifted down, so my pussy was more accessible over the edge of the couch. I was now bent over the armrest, Fred’s cock still in my mouth. I didn’t see it, but Seyi must have shed his shirt and pants then. I felt Seyi push his hard cock deep inside me, I could tell he was thicker than Fred and it felt so good.

Seyi was fucking me while I had Fred’s cock down my throat. I was a dirty little whore being used by two guys at the same time, and it made me a buck and moan in between them. This made Fred immediately cum in my mouth, and I instantly swallowed his load. Seyi, however, wasn’t quite done with me. After Fred came, Seyi wanted to have me alone for a bit. He pulled me into his bedroom, which was only a few feet away, and pushed me down on his bed. He fucked me hard while I moaned until he blew his load deep inside me. I laid there for a minute, satisfied with the knowledge that I had just pleased two guys when Seyi told me to sit up. He put a towel under my swollen pussy and told me to try and push his cum out. He was nervous about having cum inside of a girl he had never met before, especially since he had a girlfriend. I was on the pill, but he didn’t know that. I did what he asked anyway. His warm cum slowly leaked out of my hole onto the towel.

I got dressed and Fred drove me to where I lived. I walked back to my dorm. This was the complete opposite of a walk of shame. I couldn’t have been more proud of being a dirty little slut. I didn’t have an orgasm during this experience, but I made myself cum later when I got back to my dorm.

It’s been a long time since this happened, and I can’t help but hope I get two cocks again sometime.

Editor’s note: All characters are borne out of author’s imagination


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  1. Speechless anyway all I can say is our ladies of Now Adays should knw how to control their self if u want to choose one person choose and make the person become ur king and if the person is not perfect u can train that person to your taste jumping frm one guy to another life has pass that and later u will ending up regret though when u are doing it it might look like fun like u are enjoying but when the time is gonna come u might be thinking of committing suicide to cut the story short let learn how to control ourself am not only talking to woman only but also man don’t let 5 minutes enjoyment ruin our future
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