Have you ever heard of the “stammerers tale”, the one where the stammerer tries to pronounce father and he says fa-fa-fa father.

The stammerer here is AAUAITES and finally we have been able to pronounce this long awaited “father”. The SU election has come and gone.

We have started counting days and weeks now and at the time of writing this piece, it’s been Sixteen days that the good students of AAUA decided who would direct the affairs of the Student Union.

But I will like to address Mr President the number one student of AAUA in person of Mr Kolade Ogunsanmi Olumide, also known as Multiple.

I know by now the euphoria of receiving lots of congratulatory messages will have subsided in you a bit, and the reality of work that needs to be done will be flashing on you.

I have decided that before “Akungba igbeyin” that interprets in English language as ‘end of semester hunger’ hold me, I will give you the last kobo with me, just to support you.

You might be thinking if it’s real coin I’m talking about here, no its not. After all, silver or gold I have none but the single thing I have for you Mr President is this small coin.

Let me illustrate it a little “If your friend sits you down to discuss something with you and share his/her opinion with you on the issue, then such person has given you the one kobo he has left”. He has given you a piece of advise.

My one kobo is an advise I have for you Mr president.

A Yoruba proverb says, “Eni a wi fun oba je o gbo” meaning (May God allow the person whom we advise to listen to our words). There’s an ending to this proverb but I’ll reserve it to the very end. Nevertheless, let’s dig into the content of this kobo.

Mr President we all know that student unionism is a platform where students are opportune to voice out their opinions about things concerning the institution.

You could say the past administration did its best to listen to the voice of the students, and you could say otherwise. But it’s your turn now, how will you use this great mantle.

Now is the time to sit down and access your predecessors, do a little time travel and trace their steps to see where they have entered into murky waters. Now is the time to know when and how they dashed their foot against a stone.

We need you to correct the notion among students that a SU president is just a puppet in the hand of the school administration and government. They say with great power comes great responsibility, actually you’ve been given the two, now is the time to redeem your pledge.

I want you to note the fact that you are not just representing yourself anymore, not only your family, your town, state, your department. You are now representing every student in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko, the 21st century university Properly called.

Let’s see if it will be properly called in your own time, or just another ‘advanced secondary school administration’.

Mr President, there is work to be done. I know you know this, like a model walking down the runway, you have all eyes on you. We don’t want you to fall, hope you don’t want yourself to fall.

Your success is what will benefit all. During your campaign days you had this punch line that you rendered often and it goes thus “Vote Multiple, everything about you will be multiplied”. Now that you have been voted, let’s see what you intend to multiply for AAUAites.

And remember, you have to choose between Responsibility and Irresponsibility. What this Responsibility means is you taking acceptance for your failure. It’s you admitting to your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Responsibility is you taking charge of your duties and being accountable for all your actions. It is being able to answer the questions raised by your conducts. It is you being accountable for every kobo put in your care (which we all know is a big task to do)

Akungba, the host community of the school has been plagued with different challenges in recent times ranging from insecurity to incessant accident. Everyone is waiting for how you intend to tackle these menaces.

Sweet words don’t run government, hard work does. I hope you know this.

And should I admit one fact to you “you can’t solve all our problems, you can only try your best”. Now people will judge you by what you call your best, let’s hope your best is really going to be your best effort.

Now I have given you my one kobo, let me quickly complete my Yoruba adage which says
“Eni a wi fun oba je o, Ti Ko ba gbo oro a dun so” meaning (May God allow the person whom we advise to listen to our words, because if he doesn’t we would be able to reproof him).

Like one of my lecturers used to say “I wish you what you wish yourself”.

Mr President, you are now on the hot seat, your time is already running. Remember, everyone is watching.


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