When I was in 200level I was staying in a self-contained room alone.

At that time, one of my friend girlfriends had three of her female friends coming from Ibadan to write the exams (post time)

The first one came two days before and one thing led to another. I found myself alone in my house with this girl, we were just gisting and talking. All I was thinking of was those big boobs she was carrying in her front. You know what they say about an idle mind. That moment I had already cleared the land for the devil to build his skyscraper workshop. She started telling me how her dad always protects her from men and boys and she’s happy to be away from home and all that boring lifestyle.

To lighten the mood I asked her if she could dance and she replied yes. I was like so what are we waiting for, dance for me after much shyness I played songs from my speaker that is how this babe started dancing and shaking her big ass and the boobs up and down. I was giving her accolades. I stood up to join her immediately. She came closer with the big ass and was grinding me, so I began to rock this babe small I hold her waist with my hand going up and up and I got to the breast I pressed it small she did not complain and I went further by pressing it harder she was still whining and moaning softly.

You know how a guy self contains room looks like with no chair in the room, only foam on the floor. That is how she said she was tired and wanted to lie down so she went to sit down and I followed her for my mind I dey sing bumper 2 bumpers.

On the bed the pressing continued she started kissing me, I unbutton her jean as I was unzipping the jean she said stop and ask me to close the door Straight up I went to close the door and she started giving me bj that was the very first time I had bj. I was shaking anyhow and moaning because it was tickling and sweeting me at the same time. I couldn’t stand it so I had to turn this girl on and put the D in her kitten straight up giving it to her hard harder with my hand pressing her breast. We were still on fire, when we hear the noise of people from afar she knew it was her friends she wanted to pull out and I wanted to cum… As a guy, once the akamu don come you can’t concentrate or listen to anyone again, but she wanted to pull out. I have no choice but to hold her tight release inside her sharp then and let her go.

She quickly dressed up, opened the door gently and went out to meet her friends. I stood from my window feeling weak I was looking at them Omo my eye quickly got to the other two friends I was analysing them the short one was dressed like Jehovah witness abi deeper life but she set for nash the other one tall fair and fine be like girl wey know what’s up.

Fast forward later in the evening that my friend babe came to meet me and beg me to let the three girls stay in my house for the period of the exam just one day which is the next day I said no problem. Around 9 pm light was steady, four of us were inside the room. I had two foams on top of each other. I quickly separated them so we can be comfortable. We were to share the foam two to one.

I put on a Nigerian film and trust Ibo girls Na dey love Naija movies. I went out to buy suya and coke for them on my way back. I decided to just buy a condom as I used the last one I had for that babe in the afternoon. I was buying the condom for future use because I felt nothing can happen this night because we don plenty for the one-room I got the condom packet and put it inside my pocket got home and gave them the suya and coke they were more than happy and thanking me for my hospitality three of them were sitting on one bed I was alone on the other bed since I didn’t like Naija film I slept off anyhow they wan do make dem do around past 1 in the midnight I felt a hand rubbing my chest I woke up everywhere was dark my brain quickly recalled I had girls in the room but which one of them could be doing this I quickly reached for my phone lo and behold it was the tall fair fine girl that was with me on my bed the other two dey the other bed dey sleep. Omo na so I off phone light, play along we touched each other and kissed and smooched I fingered her she was shaking and holding my hand I remembered I had condom inside my pocket… One mind was telling me to stop this nonsense that how can you sleep two friends it’s not proper and my other mind tell me to continue. I quickly condomed my D turned her face down and climbed her back I put the D inside her P from back and was giving it to her she was holding the foam as if she wants to tear it open.

After I finished nacking her I felt fulfilled and she just lay down as if she was tired and I was breathing heavily smiling in the dark. After 5mins my D down below decided it was not yet satisfying because what is worth doing is worth doing well, that was how I begin to romance the babe again pressed and sucked her nipples, this time I was harder and rougher she couldn’t help but to moan out loudly that I had to use hand to cover her mouth still pounding the sexy demon out of her I could feel her P dripping water but I didn’t care I wanted to please my D as I wanted to come, I was pressing her breast with my two hands she was using her hand to cover her mouth omo the way I press the breast when I wanted to come it was as if I wanted to press pus or milk whatever from the breast so I pull out and releases on her tummy… I quickly got up since it was my house. I could easily find my way in the dark. I went to my dirty clothes bag and brought out one polo for her to use and clean up… After she cleaned up we laid down before I knew she was sleeping already. Omo my wicked D was not yet satisfied with this girl because she was so sweet, so fine and so soft.

Omo, I die here today after all she was the one that started by rubbing my chest.

I checked the time it was some minutes past 4 am and they had a post utme exam to write. I just turned and faced her. She was backing me with our clothes on. I moved closer to use my to rub her ass. And I was pressing her breast still. This time she was no longer interested or tired. Everything was still dark. In my mind, I say I must enter this girl again whether she likes it or not.

I opened the condom and put it on as I wanted to drag her pants down. The other girl, the one that dressed like a deeper life, woke up but she didn’t see anything because it was still dark. She gently tapped the one lying close to her so they could do their morning devotion.

Chai started singing in the dark. It was after 5 and my D was still rubbing the ass of the fair fine girl. She quickly pushed me away as she continued singing. That was how my D humble itself.

I removed the CD and put it in my pocket, cleared the place of any evidence then I slept off when I woke up they were gone for their exams. I looked at my D you evil bastard fucking two friends you just met.

The first girl I met was the first to come back. She left her other two friends at the exam hall, she came to interrogate me, she was asking if I sleep with her friend in the night after I slept her in the afternoon. With the anger in me I begin to press her breast and nipples she was moaning “pls stop” but her body language says continue and as a guy you must obey body language pass human language straight up I lifted her skirt up pushed her to face the wall spread her legs open, brought out the D and inserted it inside her p. I was giving it to her rough and hard with anger for daring to ask me stupid questions as I was giving it to her she was moaning she was answering the question she was like yes baby give it to me harder yes yes yes I know u gave it to my friend give it back to me it’s mine, so I pulled her hair I was giving it to her as I wanted to.

I remembered I didn’t use a condom but I didn’t care I push the dick inside her so hard and released it inside her legs were shaking after I finished I just fell on the bed waiting for her to dress up, her Other two friends enter the room the deeper life girl ask them to pack their things that she wants to go back to Ibadan and insisted they must follow her back. That was how the three friends left my house

Later I was in the room lying down I heard a knock I went to see who it was because I wasn’t expecting anybody lo and behold it was my that friend’s babe she was smiling sheepishly looking at me, still standing outside she started asking which one of her friends did I lash because they were talking about me so much and how I was a good host and all that girls talk, she was like which one did I lash and which one did I like… I just laughed and said I like them all.


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