I am a horny girl, with a lot of boyfriends and I do have sex very often and enjoyed oral. I am desperate for some naughty fun, and want to do something extreme silly with pleasure.

I am sure you know that sensation, that girls do have when you are feeling so sexually aroused and frustrated.

The feeling of when your pussy is tingling and begging for attention, and a mixture of painful torment and intense pleasure, when all you can think about is fingering yourself, but knowing that the longer you can resist that urge, the more intense the eventual orgasm will be.

My sexual imagination is running wild all morning, creating a teasing wetness between my legs that is leaving my panties moisten.

During this Asuu strike, I was not allow to go out because I was a mummy girl at home. I had no choice than to masturbate because there was no way I could help myself.

I ended up having problems when I peed and mom wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious, so we decided to go see the doctor that day.

After a short wait I was called into the doctor’s room.

He was sitting at his desk writing something down. He was in his late 40’s good looking. I close the door and he turns around to face me. I can tell immediately by his expression that my appearance has made an instant impression.

After a few moments shuffling paper around his desk he looks up at me and smiles.

” Its Munachi, is that right?”

I nod, “That’s right”.

“Ok. What can I do for you today, Munachi.

I smile shyly at the doctor. ” Well, it’s a bit embarrassing really.” I reply. There is a pause, as I look at the floor.

Munachi, just take your time, there’s no hurry. Anything you tell me will remain confidential. What happens in this room is between us, OK?”

I nod. “OK. Well, I just wanted you to check that I’ve got nothing wrong with me”.

“I see”, he says, “Well, I’ll certainly try. What are you worried about in particular?”

“Well, er…..I been having some…er..fluid, coming out… from …..,” I look down, and vaguely point down to my crotch area, “down here”.

” And when this fluid comes out, does it cause any pain at all?

” No – no pain. It just feels ………..” I reply stopped .

He looks up at me, and gives a reassuring smile.

He pauses, and shifts in his chair. Then in a low, husky voice, says, ” Well, I would like to examine you, to see if there is anything serious to worry about. can I ask you to remove your skirt and panties, so I can take a look?”

I give him a nervous, puzzled look. “ mean… I ask, trying to sound worried now, but inside feeling the excitement build.

“Yes, if that’s alright”, he replies gently.

” Oh, well…………er……..I thought you would just be able to tell me whether there was a problem, without …… know…..having to examine me,” I say, my cheeks becoming hot now.

He gives a little cough. “Well, I really would need to carry out a proper examination, in order to diagnose the symptoms correctly. After all ,I wouldn’t want to miss something important.”

I pretend to look embarrassed, but inside my heart is pounding and my pussy is hungry.

“Well, ok then,” I say, shyly. “So… you just want me to take my skirt off?”

“Well…yes, but I will also need you to remove your panties as well,” he replies, “just so I can examine you”.

“Oh…ok”, I say, almost in a whisper.

Now, could you just come over to the examination table for me, Munachi,” and he leads me to his clad table in the corner, which has a white pillow at one end.

I follow him and climb up on to the table, laying my head back against the white pillow behind me.

“Thank you,” he says,” and now if you could just place your feet apart for me, and open your knees.”

I part my feet, as he pulls on a pair of white latex gloves, and then leans forward over me.

I’m just going to examine you down here now he says, “So if you could just open your knees wide for me?”

When I opened my legs for him he had this look on his face. and I asked what the look was for. He didn’t want to say because it was unprofessional. He spread my little lips and I persisted. “This is extremely inappropriate and wrong to say but you have the prettiest vagina I ever seen. It’s perfect!” I said thanks. He checked me out pretty good and I’m not sure if it was on purpose but he touched my clit a lot. He asked if I normally was this wet.

He smiled and said he was sorry for teasing me. I said it was okay. Now he was purposely rubbing my clit. He stopped and gave me a script just incase it was infection.

He made an appointment for the week after. When my mom brought me, he said that he was going to run a few tests so if she wanted to wait or come back it was going to be a couple hours. My mom said she would be back.

This time again he ask me to lay down on d table.

And with that his hand is between my legs, and I feel 2 fingers delving between the lips of my cunny.

There I am , lying half naked, as this doctor is now giving my pussy a good fingering.

“Let me know if I’m hurting you,” he says, and his trembling voice gives away his aroused state.

“Ok,” I gasp in reply, as I allow my feet to move further apart, to give him more access to my dripping puss. I bite my bottom lip, desperately trying not to let out a moan of pleasure, as he thrusts deeper inside my hotness.

“You are very wet, Muna, Is this normal?” he asks, as I feel him delving deeper inside me.

“Oh, ………………yes” I gasp, half reply, half pleasure. ” I’m like this most of the time…thats why I am worried that its my bladder”. My face is now hot and flushed.

” I see” he replies. He looks down at me and smiles, as his fingers are now pushing in and out of me, in deep rhythmical motions, and I know that this is no longer simply an anatomical examination. He is actually masturbating me! I can’t believe my luck! I never imagined it would go this far!

“And how does this feel?” he asks, as I look up at him, trying to keep control of my urge to scream. “Do you feel any pain when I do this?”

My hips involuntarily rise up off the table, to meet his thrusting fingers.

“ pain,” I gasp, as the sound of his fingers sliding in and out of me fills the room.

“Well, that’s a good sign”, he replies, studying every detail of my wet, gaping pussy as he pushes his fingers deeper inside.

I suddenly feel his finger rub my firm clitoris in a circular motion, just for a few seconds. His face is flushed too now, and despite his medical training, his natural sexual desires have taken over.

After a few more moments, he removes his wet, sticky latex covered fingers.

“Well, everything seems normal there,” he says, his cheeks now distinctly pink. I also notice a bulge in his trousers.

“Oh, thank goodness”, I say breathlessly, knowing that he has brought me to the very edge of cumming.

“Now, could I ask you to turn around, onto your hands and knees, and bend over for me?” he says. By now I can feel small quivers inside my pussy as my vaginal muscles begin to spasm with arousal.

“Oh..I thought you had finished”, I say, looking puzzled.

“Well, I would like to check you out again… from behind this time. It allows me to examine your bladder from a different position,” he says, hoarsely.

Now, I am bending over on hands and knees, my legs spread wide, allowing the doctor a perfect view of my red, swollen, wet pussy lips from behind.

I hear him moving behind me, and glance around. He has removed the latex glove from his right hand, and then I feel his naked fingers once again enter me – this time harder and deeper than before – now ramming me in and out, in and out. I am gasping for breath, as I know I am about to cum. I push back against his hand, forcing his fingers to penetrate me deeper than ever.

” Doctor,” I gasp, ” I think its going to happen soon” . And I moan with pleasure.

“What is going to happen, he asks, pretending he doesn’t know I am on the verge of an orgasm now.

“Its going to happen..I can feel it,” I say breathlessly, “The fluid is going to come”

He continues to thrust his naughty fingers in and out of me now, as I lay my head on the pillow, my pussy pushed up behind me, exposed and vulnerable to his eager fingers. his fingers slipping deep inside my tight, quivering pussy, the aroma of my hot juices filling the room.

And then, in a rush of orgasmic pleasure I cum.

As the doctors fingers pound my eager puss, he looks on in amazement, as I suddenly erupt, sending a stream of my hot, aromatic cum spurting out all over the examination table beneath me, soaking the white paper towel. It makes a swooshing sound as the force of my ejaculation squirts out like a fountain, drenching his hand and spraying over his shirt.

He jumps back in surprise, pulling his fingers from between my swollen lips, as another gush of cunny juice squirts out at him.

He then quickly replace it with his dick. He actually sat me down softly on his dick. He kissed my neck and massaged my tits while pulling it in and out giving me more each time. He adjusted the back lower and held my back at a certain angle with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. He hit my g-spot I was ready to explode in like 10 seconds. Every time he pushed in my pussy, I shot liquid out while feeling like I was having mini orgasms the whole time. He said he was ready. He pulled a chair in front of the mirror and sat me on his dick again. My legs were pulled up and he whispered something so sexy in my ear like I can’t get enough of this”.

I’m going to cum so good in your,pussy. Spread your pussy for me. I’m about to cum. It’s so perfect. Oh fuck I’m about to cum in your pussy.” His dick had a spasm and he pumped my pussy full of cum.

He is making some notes on the computer screen, seemingly unconcerned that he has just committed a sexual act on one of his young female patients.

I made an appointment a week later after giving my mom the perfect lie. It was a sick appointment and that’s it. I was in a dress with my legs spread open waiting. The door opened and it was a girl.

She said he was with another patient but he wanted to get me started. She asked how my vagina was feeling. She looked it over and said she was told I get much wetter, oh I remember, it’s during oral. One second. She put her face between my legs and kissed my pussy before I could say a word. She was so soft and gentle. She teased my clit with her tongue and then kissed me.

I told her how much I loved that, especially tasting my own pussy. She asked if I get wet eating pussy because hers tastes really good too. I said I’m not gay but I was so horny I’d love to try. She got naked and she had a really nice body. Her pussy was cute too. I licked her how I like to be licked. The door opened again and it was him. He was very happy with what he walked into.

He went to the girl mouth and put his dick in. He told me to finger her ass hard at the same time if I wanted to see her squirt. I was already eating pussy so I eased two in her ass while he came behind me and gave me some dick. She said I should back up, she was cumming. I tried but he pushed my face down and I got squirt all over me, while I watched him fuck the girl for a few and he told her that I actually squirt too and she was so excited and wanted to see.

He got me in the chair and lubed my ass. Same position did the same thing to me. She was sucking on my pussy and clit. It came fast. Every time he went in, I squirted a little stream. She over it, had her mouth open with her tongue rested in my pussy.

He fucked me faster. She went into kiss me and spit some of my squirt in my mouth and dribbled down my tits. She was in a great position.

Her pussy was against my clit and we were so wet our pussies grinded. They both had their hands and lips all over my body. She went harder on my clit and said she was going to cum. She was so loud when she came. It was so hot.

I sucked on her tits and she continued rubbing and as soon as he said he was about to bust in my ass, she rubbed our pussies even harder and I had a really fucking good orgasm when he came.

The End.

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