I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 months. We’re both 20. I caught him cheating on me with multiple girls over the last month, but he didn’t think I knew. I never brought it up. Instead, I pretended I was clueless even after I had found out.

As I was pretending to be clueless, I gathered more and more evidence. I would check out his phone when he wasn’t around, and even followed him to one of the girl’s homes where he stayed for a few hours.

His excuse that day was that he went to the Sport complex. I guess fucking another girl builds up a sweat. Then one morning it hit me! I decided on what to do. I was going to make him watch me fuck every single one of my friends.

To start with, I texted all of my single friends who I knew were into me. I had told them my story, and they were all shocked. Not one had a hint about my boyfriend’s escapades. I asked if they would be willing to help me get back at him. Since they were horny single guys and for the most part they were against cheating, they agreed. I explained my plan to them, and everyone was happy.

I was going to tell my boyfriend everything I knew over the past week. I let him know I knew everything that was going on, and how he has been with multiple girls cheating on me for over a month.

I knew he would break down and beg for my forgiveness. At which time I made him beg and beg for almost an hour. Finally, I told him I would forgive him on one condition, “You must watch me get fucked by as many guys as I wish.”

He looked shocked. He tried to say a few words, but I held my ground firmly. After a few minutes, he agreed; but not before saying he regretted all those girls and he only wants me. I wasn’t buying it, I let him know the next day that I had called a few guys, 5 to be exact and that they were all coming to my apartment later that night to fuck me.

He pleaded with me to not do this to him but I had no sympathy. All I told him was to show up before anyone else for his front-row seat.

The night came and my boyfriend arrived right on time. He begged one last time, telling me how sorry he was over and over again. I told him it was too late for that, and to sit. I cleaned up my room so that nothing was in the way.

The only thing there was the chair my boyfriend was forced to watch from. The rest of the ground was covered in thick blankets and sheets, wide enough for me and my 5 friends. I let him know the rules, “No talking, no getting up, and no looking away for even a second.”

Just as I had finished talking, there was a knock. All 5 of them had arrived together and were looking very eager. As soon as my boyfriend saw who they were, he started begging.

I warned him that he wasn’t allowed to speak and that I would explain. He silenced himself instantly. I told my boyfriend that my friends were more than happy to help me tonight and that they hated cheaters. I let him know how horny I was, and I couldn’t wait to experience all of them inside me.

He was dying inside at the thought of it.

As we began, I slowly went down the line, undressing them all completely while my boyfriend looked on. When I finally got to the last guy they were all naked, and hard.

I said to them as I looked at my boyfriend, “It’s your turn to undress me!” All 5 of them were wide-eyed, they’d never seen me naked before and now was their chance.

I let each one take off one piece of clothing. The first thing that went was my shirt, my pink short following suit. Then the third guy stepped up and was shaking with excitement, Without one word he started to unclasp my bra. My boyfriend was tensing up watching as my boobs were revealed to 5 other guys.

I jiggled them a little just to get the rage out of my boyfriend. The 4th guy came along and swiftly removed my lace panties. I hadn’t had sex in a while. There I was, finally naked. My boyfriend was helpless to do anything about it, and you could see it on his face.

I laid down on the blanket that was on the floor and told the 5th guy he should start first. They all sat down on the floor with me, and the 5th guy started to massage my boobs. At first, I was facing away from my boyfriend, but then I said, “Let’s give my boyfriend a good view of what’s happening!”

We quickly turned facing him, just a foot away. My boobs were being rubbed and squeezed, nipples starting to get erect. My boyfriend was mad more and more. Then I let the other 4 guys start doing what they liked to me, but I let them know only foreplay for now.

I had 10 hands all over my body for the next hour. They would all switch between pinching my nipples, rubbing my boobs, squeezing my ass, and fingering me. This is when my boyfriend started to mouth, “Please stop, I’m sorry!”, but I wouldn’t let him get off easy. I warned him that he shouldn’t have tried to talk.

I called one of the guys to come closer, and I spread my legs as far apart as they could go. I asked him to eat me out, and he easily obliged. I was moaning so loud, and I was so wet I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I wasn’t even watching my boyfriend at first because I was so horny. After getting so wet from all that foreplay, I let them know it was time for me to be fucked.

They argued between themselves who got to go first, what they got to do to me, etc. The whole time that was happening I was letting my boyfriend know how much he fucked up.

Once everything was sorted out we began. The first guy slowly slipped his dick inside of me, and I was already so wet that it fitted in perfectly.

As soon as he was in, I let out a quiet ‘moan.’ He was fucking me in missionary for a few minutes, and then another guy came over and asked if it would be alright if he could put his dick in my mouth. I said, “That’s a great idea! Two dicks at once!”

My boyfriend looked so defeated by that point. I just smiled. It went on and on with more guys joining in and changing positions. At one point I was on my knees being fucked doggy style, sucking on another dick, and jerking off another.

I kept telling my boyfriend that all of their dicks felt so much better than his and that they were all a lot bigger! All of them laughed of course and thanked me.

One of them suggested we should compare. I agreed! For the first time all night, I told him to stand up. He looked confused at first, but then I told him to take off all of his clothes.

He protested that this wasn’t part of the deal, but I insisted and made him do it. As soon as he stripped, his soft little dick looked like a pinky finger. Everyone laughed at how tiny he was. One of the guys got a ruler and measured it: 2.5″ big! He was so ashamed. I made him stay naked the rest of the night.

Just as everyone was finishing up, guys started to cum. They at first asked me if it was alright if they came on me, and I let them all know I wanted to be covered in cum.

The first guy who came went all over my boobs, it was ridiculous how much he had in him. I took a little on my thumb and showed my boyfriend, then proceeded to lick it up.

The next 3 guys came almost the same time; one on my stomach, the second on my feet, and the third made me turn over and came right on my butt cheeks. I was swimming in cum by now.

The final guy asked me if he could cum right in my mouth. I told him, “Do it!!” Just as I said that he forced his dick inside my mouth and shot a load so hard it hit the back of my throat.

He came the most out of all of them. It was so much I could barely handle it. I gathered it all up, went right to my boyfriend and open my mouth to show him. He almost threw up.

Then all the guys started shouting, “Swallow! Swallow! Swallow!” So what do I do? I shook my head sideways. Poof! It’s all gone! I swallowed all his cum.

It was late by the time everyone finished, and no one wanted to drive home. I let them all stay over and we all slept in my bed together. I made my boyfriend sleep on my floor.

We stayed naked the entire night as well. I was right in the middle so I got to spoon them all as they groped my boobs all night. When we all awoke, we all had sex again in my bed, but by now my boyfriend started to leave.

Everything was done within a few more minutes, and everyone left. I got a call from my boyfriend a few days later, and he said he couldn’t be with me anymore and wanted to break up.

I let him know I was going to break up with him also and I said my last words, “I hope you enjoyed watching your Ex-girlfriend take all those dicks!”

After a few weeks, he texted me a video of him and some girl hooking up, of course trying to make me jealous. I texted him back with one thing, and never again have heard from him.

My text back to him was a picture one of the guys took of us all in bed. Me getting fucked in every hole. I also let him know there were hundreds of pictures, and videos from that night and all my friends have them too.

He asked if he could have them, and I asked why? He said he misses my body. So, I sent him the whole thing! He’s begged and begged to have me back and I said, “The closest thing you’re gonna get are the pics and videos, so have fun masturbating to me with other guys.”


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