My Akungba Igbeyin Story: I visited friends in their villa to beg for food — Sule Isiaka

My name is Sule Isiaka and this is my story.

Thanks to God that made me share my experience in peace.

AAUA students can relate how 100 level students do spend , they buy necessary and unnecessary things, they spend anyhow, because our parents want a comfortable life for us, so I thought that’s how it will always be, my parents and siblings will send me money and all.

It happens when I was in 200 level second semester when I was staying alone, during my 100 level days I was staying with someone, so the first four to five weeks of resumption have spent all I have thinking my parents will send money as it used to be in my 100 level days.

It got to a certain period, I hardly receive calls from home and they hardly pick my calls and quite unfortunate the semester was a long semester then, the current 400 level students will understand.

To eat was a big problem that I have to go refill my cylinder on credit from Chike because I had just 500 naira left with me so I went to the market with the money and get some soup ingredients that sustained me for just a week.

Thereafter, I started visiting friends in their villa to be beg for food, calling all the people on my contact list for assistance; it was a tough time. Then I was very lean. The experience was a lesson for me.

Thank God, I was able to pass through the time, though it was frustrating but I thanks God for life.


This story has been published on AAUA INSIDER with minimal editing to preserve the original voice of the narrator.


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