Mode of dressing for SIWES Students

The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a mandatory program in which every eligible student of a higher institution must fulfill as a prerequisite to the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree.

The aim of the Scheme is to equip students with industrial working experience that will enable them to have the practical experience of theoretical aspect learnt what they in the classroom. It’s also an avenue for students to understand and familiarize themselves with the outside world (labour market).

The program is expected to run for the period of six months, where students will pick a preferred placement (n Organization in alignment with the course of study) and work casually as an intern (a student worker). During the timescale of the programme students are expected to learn not only the practical experience of their course of study, but to also learn ethics, values and virtues that guides the professional operation of the course of study.

During this period students are expected to inhale and exhibit good characters that are professionally oriented, and to also abide by the rules and regulations of their placement. However, it’s a common practice among interns (SIWES students) to dress at their own will and preference to their respective placement, as they tend to transfer the freedom of their dressing style in school to their SIWES placement.

It’s expedient for every intern to note that during the program, that they are ambassadors and image makers of their institution and staff of their placement will tend to judge the standard of their school based on their work ethics and mode of dressing. Thus, making it very important for interns to be of best behavior at their placement and to pay attention to their mode of dressing.

A popular saying says, “You will be addressed the way you are dressed”. Therefore, interns should endeavor to avoid wearing “Party” and “Club” dresses to their placement; instead, they should learn to cultivate the habit of dressing in a corporate style and dress in accordance to the stipulation of their placement regarding their mode of dressing.

In conclusion, appearance at times speak a lot about an individual, therefore interns must be neatly and nicely dressed in other to blend with the working class, and to also earn a good reputation for themselves, their university and lastly their placement. They should also avoid clothes that will paint them, their institution and their placement in a bad light.


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