Ladies First: Keeping a natural hair

Natural hair is a term use to describe a hair that has not been altered with relaxer or dye. In other words, natural hair is when your hair is in the state that you were born with.

To truly understand natural hair care, it’s important to get up to speed with the terminology. After all, the world of natural hair care has a language of its own.

Keeping a natural hair is somewhat of a less concrete idea. In general, being natural means you didn’t use any chemicals to alter the texture or natural curl pattern of your hair. Its means no relaxers, no perms to curl naturally straight hair and no texturizers to loosen tight curls, because hair dye also contains chemicals.

If you are craving for natural hair, you know your wish can be fulfilled because there are ways to transit from permed hair to natural.


Since you decided to go back to natural, first you really need to decide how you’ll be making this transition. Many women do opt for what it’s called “the big chop” it’s exactly what it’s sounds. The big chop requires chopping off most, if not all of your hair.

The hair has long been used throughout history to indicate woman’s health, status and social position. Long hair has been associated with youthfulness, chopping off your hair even while knowing it will likely grow back healthier and stronger, but chopping off your hair may not be an easy decision.

Perms, relaxers and texturizers causes damage and weaken the hair shaft, and this is something that could be irreversible. Because chemically treated hair will always retain it’s altered appearance, many women choose to chop it all off instead of growing it out. This will help you avoid a mix of natural roots and relaxed end, but choosing to part ways with your hair is a big deal.


It is not mandatory to go for big chop method if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can go for protective hairstyle.

Protective hairstyle are as they sounds, they are hairstyles that protect hair from damages. Protective hairstyles do have ranges which are from wigs to full-head weaves with the natural hair tucked away to wearing box braids or twists.

Protective hairstyles are helpful in the sense that they work to reduce tangling, shedding and even breakage.

You really have to know more about your hair type, so as to maintain your natural hair as we human being are not equal, it is also application to hair. In world of natural hair, texture is of huge importance. According to Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist, Andre  Walker, there are four major types, each with it’s own subcategories. The four main categories are straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair patterns.These four common texture do not only vary widely in appearance,but also in the ways in which they should be cared for.

  • Knowing the texture of your hair is very important cause it dictate how often the hair should be cleaned,what products is to be used, and, often times and what styles will work best for you.

Now you know that to keep natural hair isn’t stressful but awesome, natural hair is very healthy and most important people in the society Cherish it,even the celebrity are not left out.


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