By the virtue of nomenclature, my name is Tolulope Adeyefa, popularly known as Elite. I was born, bred and brought up in Emure-ile, Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State where I had my primary and secondary education. My intense quest for education landed me in the enviable institution of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, where I’m currently studying Political Science for my first degree.


I began engaging in leadership tutelage and structures as a young boy far back in my primary school days where I served as a class monitor and as the Assistant Senior Boy/Time Keeper getting to primary six(6). The little capacity in which I served during my primary school days marked the birth of leadership consciousness through which I shifted my horizon to secondary School, where I served as a class captain through out my six(6) years(JSS1-SS3) of secondary education and as the 32nd Assistant Senior Prefect of Community Grammar School, Emure-ile.

I have passion to excel in leadership build-up and play impactful roles for a better society. I’m currently an active and registered member of Junior Chamber International (JCI), Future Pride Forum, Emure-ile Youth Council (EYC), Helping Hands Foundation (HHF), National Association of Political Science and Public Administration and some other organizations where I am serving in various capacities to make selfless impacts for the good working of the society.


I’ve been following the activities of Students’ Union in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko ever since I gained admission in 2017 and understands fully well how it works as well as those gaps yet to be covered. I had severally wrote on critical issues that affects the students and joined other concerned students to advocate for our rights. This beget the thought about how exciting it would be to serve and directly be part of the Servants-in-Service & Struggle (SiS), with lot of potentials which is summarized to working with other rugged comrades in our union to further agitate and articulate the interests of the Nigerian students generally under the influence of the union’s secretariat, which I believe I would secure ultimately. My key agenda is to sustain a quality and proactive Secretariat which we must at all cost make to articulate and aggregate nothing but all that concerns the entire students of AAUA.

I’m convinced AAUASU needs only those who will largely render selfless service and not those who are posed to push for popularity or interests that are personal. I want to become the next AAUASU003 because there is need for not just quality service delivery of the office, but also importantly a need for propagating the maximum interest of the students with the fear of God.

Looking ahead to the next AAUASU Election, we have accelerated and will energetically scale the key innovations we’ve been making, more specifically to generally redeem the faiths and trusts of the students while making the Secretariat serve its cardinal purposes. With the continuous assistance of our brilliant and clear antecedents, we believe we will be given the backings we need to further drive our transformation and reinvigoration, hence complementing our creative instincts as the best.


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  • Agbelusi Samuel

    Agbelusi Samuel is a campus journalist, writer, red carpet host, political and sport analyst. A political science student that covers news and politics beats for AAUA INSIDER.


  1. What more could AAUASU ask for… Here is a seasoned comrade with the spirit of Aluta embedded in the gene.

    Indeed, the Write Choice

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