Key to a Healthier and Long Lasting Relationship (Part 1)

There is one key to a healthy and long lasting relationship, in any kind of relationship — COMMUNICATION. It is never overrated that communication is key. This saying is quite a popular concept but then many people still do not practice it. Probably because many times we feel speaking our minds especially those feelings or thoughts we find to be negative, could even make the whole situation worse.

Moreover, some people find themselves in a relationship where neither of the parties speaks their minds. Very crucial to note is the fact that many of us who would rather kept mute during “hard” times in our relationships  — friendship or romantic or any unromantic kind of relationship — is usually because of our ego, pride or sometimes trying to repress the upheaval of emotions we deem “weak” for persons of our caliber. An illustration is having emotions like jealousy, envy, hurt, anger and many others.

For illustration, we feel like showing that we are jealous about something the other party is doing would make us look vulnerable or weak by those involved so we would rather not show it or speak about it and harbor it even though we’re hurting.

The other party on the other hand would probably think we are fine with what they do, since we act cool with it, and sometimes and most times actually. They tend to repeat whatever it is they did the other time once more or even much more while we on the other end continue to act all tough and unshaken even while the hurt we feel grows larger and larger.

Sometimes this might result in us starting to give off bad vibes, picking up little to hot arguments or fights and these things usually don’t get resolved or magically disappear if we don’t try and practice a healthy communication and speak out

Apparently, in most cases the other parties doesn’t see or know what they are doing wrong neither do they notice the hurt we’re feeling as a result of their action(s) until we draw their attention to it by bringing it to their notice, in a sober state and not casually or indifferently.

So it’s advisably best to try and open a floor, calm and mature one, for a healthy communication before things go sour or even go completely “irreparable” in the relationship.

I think it’s an obvious no-brainer that in any type of relationship, be it romantic, friendship or whatever, healthy communication with a handful of consideration of the other party’s emotions in other not to pass your message harshly or wrongly is a way to go.

We should not only communicate the ‘positive’ then again the ‘negative’ ones we might find to be a bother to us with caution of course, as doing it aggressively, anyway that’s not pleasant might hurt the other party’s  feelings which might just make the whole situation worse. Most likely resulting in a maximum or total damage of the relationship.


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