An exclusive interview with the President of National Association of Science Students (NASS), Oloyede Zacchaeus (popularly known as zaehkkman from Chemical Sciences)

Kindly introduce yourself.

I am Oloyede Zaecchaeus popularly known as zaehkman, the elected President of Faculty of Science from the department of Chemical Science.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I started primary school before the year 2000 in Good News Nursery and Primary school in Osun State, where I gained my elementary education. Finished my secondary school 2009 by writing my (WAEC), bless God I came out with flying colours, while I proceed to write my 1st JAMB in 2010. I got admitted to National Open University (NOUN) study center in Akure, later I quit from the school due to low funding and some securities issue then I took my 2nd JAMB I was later admitted into the great citadel of learning (AAUA).

How did your formal leadership position prepare you to be the President of NASS?

Thank you very much for that question, actually I have not been holding any leadership position before. Right from my 100 level about 3 people walk up  to me and said am going to be their Class Representative, then we go into election because people were not satisfied with the selection unfortunately I loosed then I noticed that this really loved me then I prepare ahead. In my 200 level days, I was elected as an Honorable for my department that was in 2017.

Then when a prophecy was given to me and said that seat is for me that I have to pray then I said if its prayer then no problem that I don’t have any other God. Then I went ahead to collect the NASS Constitution from PKA Bobo, Eriola Temitope the emulator for S.U.G President and make a photocopy of it and I went through the constitution to know the requirement, after I went through then I pick the nomination form for the position NASS President for God so kind I was elected for the position.

How do you feel as the president of NASS?

Feels good but careful not to misbehave.

What are your mandates while campaigning?

Actually, I didn’t promise the association then, why? Because of the situation association is. However, the only promise I can say I utter that day is to Further the general welfarism of all NASSites; be it academics, social and increase the well-functioning of the e-library to all members of the association.

What have you achieved so far?

Umm! This Long Holiday didn’t allow us to exercise our strength in office.

What are your challenges so far?

I have to divert 60% of mine on how to live without begging through creation, thinking and hard-working to make ends meet.

How can you describe your co-working relationship with other executives?

Fragile question, you can be old at 18 and be young at 80, and you can be old at 80 and be young at 18. ‘People will not bring the party you hoped or planned for but you need to dance’

My people, my people; So fun to be working with , if only I can handle the temperament with care. I will enjoy the more.

“Human will be human”.

Give a message to NASSites and AAUAites.

To my beautiful, giants NASSites

‘Remember your creator in the day of your youth when evil have not come’, whatever your hands found doing, do it diligently. Be trustworthy wherever you find yourself. SCIENCE FOR RESEARCH AND INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT

To the most precious AAUAites please, pick from the school motto and add it to your life which states; CHARACTER AND LEARNING.




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