INTERVIEW: What I am after is the legacy, I will leave behind – Prince Mike

An exclusive interview with an aspirant, Ogunmusire Michael, vying for the top seat in the department of Philosophy. Excerpts…

Kindly give a brief introduction about yourself.

My name is Ogunmusire Michael Ade. I’m a 300level student of philosophy department, AAUA.

Tell us a little about your educational background.

I attended Foresight schools in Calabar for my primary education, and I also attended Holy Family secondary school in Calabar as well, before proceeding to AAUA to earn my First degree in Philosophy.

What position exacly are you contesting for?

I’m contesting for the position of the President of National Association of Philosophy Students, AAUA chapter.

If I may, why NAPS 001 and not SU 001 since SU is more rewarding, prestigious and well respected than NAPS 001?

Uniniosm is a matter of interest and it also follows suit what one intends to achieve in whatever office he wants to occupy. Yes! I would have took it up for SU 001 if I had wanted to, but I never had the interest in such a big position. I felt my immediate home, which is NAPS is not at its best and not getting what I expected, so I have to repair my home (NAPS) first before somewhere else or a bigger home (SU).

Prior this time, have you ever held any leadership position?

Yes, it’s almost like a tradition for me, everywhere I find myself I always tend to be in a leadership position. In primary school I was the assistant senior prefect. In secondary school I was the assistant general prefect again. Here in the university I’m currently the treasurer of NAPS, and also other organizations I’ve found myself I’ve always been among those in leadership positions.

So how did those positions help you in contributing to the development of philosophy department?

Yes, it has really helped me, because as I take those leadership positions, I learn from the past mistakes I made during the previous post, and as they say “experience is the best teacher”, my experience in those positions I’ve been putting them into practice in my department.

Why do you think you’re capable of being the president of NAPS, have you forgotten the students in the department are close to a thousand, how do you think you’re capable of controlling this large number of people?

Well, this is not my first time I’ll be controlling such a large number. Yes, I know philosophers are somewhat stubborn and like to argue and counter themselves, but I know what I’m capable of, if I wasn’t capable I wouldn’t have taken up the challenge to contest, but I know that I’m capable, hence, my intention to take up the mantle.

You said it earlier that you’re the present treasurer of philosophy department; in line with this, can you please share with us some of your mandates, when campaigning for the position?

Manifestoes was majorly based on transparency and accountability and so far so good, I’ve kept on to that.

So during your tenure as treasurer in Philosophy department, what were the developments recorded in your name so far?

I can’t even count them all, I worked beyond my office to other offices, I worked more or less like the president, too numerous to mention.

Tell us at least few of them, we would be glad to hear them.

I spearheaded the successful completion of the NAPS library even when some other Excos have gone home then for holiday, I was in school. I was part of the few students that worked for the accreditation of the department, during my tenure, naps due was reduced by over 30 percent. I initiated tutorials especially for the 100level students, I made sure the issue of none availability of GST results on avers for the 100level students was attended to, even though no positive result yet, but I’m sure it will yield a positive one at the end and a host of many others.

Kindly share with us, some of the challenges you’re facing as the present NAPS treasurer?

One of the issues is, once you’re an exco, NAPSITES tend to think you’re just after the gains, not knowing there’s no single gain there, rather it is pain, the sacrifices, the time, the expenses and all. I would say excos are not appreciated at all, only if all NAPSITES can see what we go through to keep things running smoothly.

How have you been tackling and approaching these challenges?

I don’t need it, what I’m after is the legacy I’ll leave behind and how it will have an effect on every NAPSITE, I just want to do my best that’s all. If my best is appreciated, glory be to God, if it’s not appreciated, Glory be to God.

Taking you back the memory lane, how do you feel after becoming the treasurer of philosophy department?

I felt happy because I was given the opportunity to serve, and I also felt challenged because I knew there is a great task ahead.

So what are your mandates for NAPS 001 you’re contesting for?

Well, telling you my mandates is just like me giving you my manifesto, I’ll advice you come to the manifesto ground on the manifesto day you’ll learn more.

You’re not telling me, you’re telling it to all NAPSITES because this interview will be published and it will be read by many NAPSITES.

First of all, I’m a part of the present administration and I’ve seen the loopholes in the administration, the places the administration has gone wrong and what they ought to have done but never did, so I’ll first of all make reparations on those areas. One of those areas is the social activities/social life of NAPSITES, it was totally down, I would say the administration achieved just 20 percent in that aspect. Also, the academic aspect, though the administration did a little but it’s not enough for a department like philosophy where all our courses are somewhat cumbersome and tough. So I’ll do my best to revive this aspect. Also, the department needs unity among ourselves, that area will also be attended to in my administration. Furthermore, there’s no proper relationship between the lecturers and the students, I’ll try as much as possible to fill this vacuum. I think I would stop here so that I don’t give you all I have to say on my manifesto day here, lol. But this is just a tip of the iceberg, so you should expect more.

As the present treasurer of the department, share with us your relationship with other executives like the president and the host of others?

Well, there’s no executive that I don’t have a cordial relationship with! All of them are my friends and my brothers and sisters.

If you were to advise the present president of philosophy department, what advice will you give to him?

As a leader, not everything you react to. Despite your efforts, some people will see it as no good, don’t hate them, don’t talk back at them, rather try as much as possible to prove them wrong by doing right!

Come NAPS 2021 election, why do you think NAPSITES should vote you?

Well, my personality have been speaking well for me, and I think it is crystal clear to all NAPSITES who’s best to take up the position next, except those that have been blindfolded by lies that I’m in one way or the other connected to the incumbent president, and I’ll do just like him. But I’m very disappointed because we are philosophers and philosophers should think and reason appropriately without committing fallacy, but it’s so sad that’s what we’re doing! How do I connect with Zion? I am me, and Zion is Zion, even if I’m his favorite, that does not mean I won’t do 10 times better than him, or he’ll influence my administration in any way.

Briefly address all NAPSITES as they prepare for 2019/2020 second semester examinations, and in preparation for the coming NAPS election.

I urge each and every NAPSITES to prepare very hard like this will be the last exam of his or her life, read hard, work hard to come out in flying colours in the forthcoming exam. Our course is not an easy one, it takes the strong to survive it, and the only way to survive it is to read hard. And concerning the forthcoming election, I advise every NAPSITES to stay calm before, during and after the election. Election is not a fight, it’s just a contest. Let unity reign amongst us so that we can portray a good name outside the department.



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