INTERVIEW: Welfarism of faculty is most paramount to me, says Jay Jay

As the election for various department, faculties and even the AAUASU election is coming near, it is AAUA Insider’s tradition to interview aspirants on what they have for their fellow students, because most times the electorates who are the students want to know their campaign mandate.

In the spirit of that, one of our auspicious correspondents, engaged one of aspirants, May Jesukolade popularly known as Jay Jay, who is contesting for SOMASSA 007 position, which is the position for the Welfare Director. Excerpts…

Can you kindly give a brief introduction of yourself?

I am May Jesukolade, a 300 level student of accounting politically known as Jay Jay.

Tell us about your education background.

I school at Bolson College in Lagos State where I attained my senior school certificate, then I was admitted into AAUA

Have you ever been in any political position before if yes, how did your former leadership position prepare you for the post you are aspiring for?

Yeah, I served as the welfare director of Accounting department and I was able to deliver my purpose successfully.

How has it been serving as the Welfare Director of Accounting department and what are the challenges faced so far?

The challenges faced was issues related to support a case management approach to student interventions, including participating in student support groups and conducting follow ups, but to God be the glory, I and my committees was still successful in our doings.

How can you describe your relationship with your committee?

Our relationship was bounded with the aim of providing optimum welfarism to accounting department as a whole.

How did your former leadership positions prepare you ahead for this new position you are aspiring for?

I have been nurturing the post of my faculty welfare director since my early days in this institution, so with my experience of leadership at my departmental level, proper welfarism is assured to my fellow SOMASSITES.

How will you feel if elected as the Welfare Director at the faculty level?

I will be pleased and honoured to serve the entire populace of the Faculty of social and management sciences.

What are your campaign mandates?

To ensure effective and efficient welfarism across all departments in my faculty with God and hard-work it’s achievable.

How are you going work with other executives if elected?

I will effectively work with them relating to the issues arising in the administration with the aim of producing a positive result.

What are the challenges faced so far while campaigning?

No challenges is really faced, but I still trust God and the process

Give a message to all SOMASSAITE and AAUAITES in general.

I welcome all AAUAites to the second semester of 2019/2020 session. As we resume academic activities, I pray for successful and positive results in all ramifications. JAY JAY CARES.



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