INTERVIEW: Welfarism of all SOSSAites is more paramount to me, says Kings Davies

  1. As the days of different elections are nigh in AAUA, this correspondent took it as a point of duty to interview aspirants on what they have for the students, who they plan to represent. In an exclusive interview with an aspirant vying for the position of SOSSA 001, Oluwa-Adeoye Oluwadamilola David also known as kings Davies. Excerpts…

Kindly give a brief introduction of yourself.

My name Oluwa-Adeoye Oluwadamilola David popularly known on campus as kings Davies, I am a 300level student from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology from the faculty of social and management sciences, I hail from Osun state

Your educational background

Adekunle Ajasin is actually not my first school, have been to a university before and due to some reason it doesn’t work out there and I was admitted into Adekunle Ajasin University in Akungba Ajasin University. Am current serving as the welfare director of my noble department which is the department of Sociology and Anthropology and I was the SA to the formal president on Mediation and Conflict Resolution

When I was SA to the formal president then we were able to achieve orderliness and stability in the faculty in the faculty and I think is a very remarkable field and previous years I don’t think there is anything to curb such. It was all for the Glory of God.

Serving as the current Welfare Director of my department I can boldly say that is this present administration that we offer the best orientation ever in the department.

What are the challenges faced as the welfare director of the department?

Our Administration was cut short due to the covide’19 break and during the break, I was able to reach out to the majority if not all, the challenges faced by me then was no free interaction between the student and the executives during the Covid’19 break but have been able to bridge it up ever since we have resumed.

How do you intend to deal with the faculty if you get there?

Firstly I will say am only going there to represent the people and it is my utmost desire to represent the people very while and to connect them and table their matter to the management. Whatever am going to do will be in accordance with the school and the development of the association. I am a unionist so it’s my utmost priority to do the bidden of the student.

What is your campaign mandate?

I am a man who believes so much in confidence, have been in this institution for about three (3) years, what I notice is an in-conducive environment of learning for all members of the faculty so the first is to make sure they are convenient to carry out their educational exercise, secondly, I want to introduce to the student what we call entrepreneurial skill because society in which we lived now is a world of the entrepreneur, thirdly, I want to envision into sporting activities for both the Male and Female athletes to discover themselves though I applaud the current sports director because he has been performing well but I want to bring new development and also I want to make a faculty vest for all sportsman and sportswomen.

More so, I want to enhance academic performances and to achieve this am to work hand in hand with the lectures, engaging the student in the practical form of educational activities.

How do you intend to work with your co-executives if you emerge?

My executives are human such as I am, I tend to work with them with love and respect, when you respect those you are working with there will be progress in the administration. Am not to dictate for anyone because we all have our offices in which we work for and represent.

How will you feel if you don’t emerge the winner?

I believe I will emerge but if eventually, I did emerge I will glorify the name of the Lord. Though the person is not designed for any particular person I believe God will appoint the right person there will lead the Faculty in the right pact.

How will you feel if you emerge as the winner in the election?

I will glorify the name of the Lord.

Why do you think they will vote for you?

As the motto goes am bringing total newness and total transmission into the faculty at large and I believe I am the best man for the job because the faculty means a lot to me.

I am sure you have heard of godfatherism on campus and in mainstream politics, as a person, do you believe in godfatherism?

Actually have always had this thought that life is gradual and I am a unionist not a politician and as a unionist, you are sure to serve as a delegate between you the student, and the lecturers let me just conclude by saying the faculty at large. More also, godfatherism is everywhere but it’s a very bad idea rather it’s very good in having mentors than having someone called god-father

If you are to advice the current president, what advice do you give him?

What I would tell him is simple, his for him to lay legacy and should also think ahead because in anything man does he should expect or reap what he or she sow at the end of the day which we regard to as future. My only advice for him is to always think ahead and do the needful as the president.

Give a message to your fellow aspirant.

To my fellow aspirant I want them never to compromise and let the will of God take control.

Give a message to all SOSSA.

To all SOSSAites at large I want to tell them to remain focused and never allow and to make they should make the right.





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