INTERVIEW: SOSSA will be the most outstanding faculty in AAUA, says AfterPsyche

As different elections are coming closer on campus, this correspondent took it as a point of duty to interview aspirants on what they have for the students, who they plan to represent. In an exclusive interview with an aspirant for the position of president in the newly dis-merged faculty−the Faculty of Social Sciences (SOSSA), Ayodele Oluwaseyi Enoch also known as Afterpsyche. Excerpts…

Kindly give a brief introduction of yourself

I am Ayodele Oluwaseyi Enoch. I’m from Ikare Akoko, I attended Radiance boys and girls college in Lagos State and I graduated in the year 2013 and I proceeded to Rufus Giwa Polytechnic in Owo in which I studied Public Administration and after I had my ND result and I then proceeded to Adekunle Ajasin University to study Pure and Applied Psychology under the faculty of Social and Management Science now faculty of Social Sciences and currently a 400l student from that noble department.

Have you been able to handle any political position during your primary and secondary school days?

Yes, when I was in SS3 I was appointed as the senior prefect of my school that was the highest body and also during my stay in school I was in the Press Club and I was the Secretary also it was really nice because I had a lot of experience from there.

Tell us about your experience during your National Diploma days

My experience was great but wasn’t that good, you can imagine the stress in Polytechnics and the population you have there, I could remember when I gained admission then we were over One Thousand (1,000) students in the class. Then when I was RUGIPO I was able to be the Assistant General Secretary of my department and it was cool. Let me just complete it by saying that my experience is very interesting and that we all have a story to tell.

What were the challenges faced when you were the Assistant General Secretary of your department back then in RUGIPO?

With much sincerity, I must confess that there is nothing you will do in this life that you won’t face challenges but I can tell you boldly that I know how to handle pressure a lot and it has really helped me a lot, I can say then I have lovely people around me such as the President then and I have a very good mutual relationship with him and the rest of the cabinet.

Have you been able to handle any political position ever since you got admitted into AAUA?

Immediately after admission, I was elected as the Course Rep of my department and in same that year I was elected as one of the Honorable to represent my department at the faculty level, during my 200 level I summon the courage to contest again at the faculty level which I contested for the position of Faculty P.R.O and I can tell that am the current P.R.O of this noble faculty.

With your few years of experience in AAUA unionism, how are you going to handle the affairs of this faculty if eventually elected?

It’s kind of easy to tackle because have been able to represent my constituency both at the departmental and faculty level and still the same faculty P.R.O and have been coping, and I have a lot of people who guide me in all their possible means such as advice.

What is your mandate for the students?

I have a lot of vision for all SOSSAITES such as reform, credibility for students, proper welfare activity, and high academic performance. Currently am under an administration at the faculty and I want to make continuity and I want to bring my idea which includes reform and it’s not a crime nor anything big to handle.

I am sure you have heard of godfatherism on campus and mainstream politics, as a person, do you believe in godfatherism?

I don’t in any way believe in godfatherism because have never practiced it I came here myself so why should I involve myself in it. I think we all know the implication of involving ourselves in godfatherism that there won’t be fairness and freedom in whatever you want to do and more also bad leadership.

How will you feel if you lose this election?

I strongly believe that I will win so I will congratulate myself, having lost the election is not the end of life or the end of your political career in life. Either I win or I lose is a normal thing because there must always be a winner. Though I may feel bad I believe say I will congratulate myself.

Are you trying to make any amendments to the faculty if you eventually emerge?

Like I said earlier, the student of the faculty should be ready for a reform that is going to take place in the faculty, my time should be a time of reprobation and they should count on me because have found a better way to do such.

How are you planning to work with your co-executives if elected?

None of them will be left behind, we are all going to work as one, and we are all going to work collectively.

How do you tend to deal with issues regarding finance?

I believe all post have their function and I that’s for the position of the financial secretary and treasurer so anything that has to do with the money they should be in the best position to tackle it and I can proudly tell you the association has a functioning accountant so there is no call for alarm. And I promise all SOSSAITE that statement of account will be print at the end of every semester.

Why do you think you will be voted for by the students in the faculty?

Ever since have been serving the faculty have been transparent, accountable, trustworthy and they know that those have been personality. Let me conclude by saying they have tested me before and I have to deliver all they have sent me.

Give a message to all SOSSA.

TO THE FRESHERS: In this new session; you will start a brand new grade in school. I know it can feel scary, but I know that you have what it takes to make this year as beautiful and awesome as you; best wishes to you all. TO THE STAYLITES: However difficult this session might be; there is always something you can do and succeed at; I wish you all the best. Again; I AYODELE OLUWASEYI E Politically known as AFTERPSYCHE wishes all students in SOSSA back on campus.



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