INTERVIEW: I will work in love and unity, says Official Whizzy

As the election for various department, faculties and even the AAUASU election is coming near, it is AAUA Insider’s tradition to interview aspirants on what they have for their fellow students, because most times the electorates who are the students want to know their campaign mandate.

In the spirit of that, one of our auspicious correspondents, engaged one of aspirants, Ganiyu Wariz Ajani popularly known as Official Whizzy, who is contesting for SOMASSA 007 position, which is the position for the Welfare Director.

Kindly give a brief introduction of yourself.

My name is Ganiyu Wariz Ajani popularly known as Official Whizzy, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, from the department of Banking and Finance 200 level.

Tell us about your educational background.

I Graduated from The Gift Height School as a Commercial student and always a 2nd in position. I’m also a Health Prefect who take of sick colleges then. I’m once a pre-degree student before I gained admission into AAUA in 2018

Have you ever held a leadership position before if yes, how did your former leadership position prepare you for the post you are aspiring for?

It has really prepare me in a way that I know what it takes to look after another colleges back then. Because most times I do walk some home if their condition is beyond what we can use first aid to treat. Since then I have always want an optimum welfarism for my colleges even thou I have to miss some classes.

How would you feel if elected as welfare director for the faculty of Social and Management Science?

Firstly, I will say big thanks to everyone that give me the chance & make my dreams come true as the Welfare Director… I will feel amazed because I have want to serve every SOMASSAites the best & standard welfarism to improve our academics

What are your campaign mandates?

Thou My Constitution Duties is to be responsible for all matters relating to the general welfare of the association. But I promise to fix every fault socket and bulbs so as for SOMASSAites making use of it & also provide all 100 level of the departments a working and audible Megaphone.

How are you going to work with other executives in the faculty if elected?

I will work with them like a brother, with self-respect, love & unity.

Give a message to all SOMASSAites and AAUAites as they resume fully for second semester.

My Message to every Somassaites&AAUAites is that we should try our best to accomplish what will come to school for. Because every one of us will leave the school to settle for a new journey of life. Let do away with violence in & outside school. As we start new week May God be with us & protect us from all.



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