INTERVIEW: I have the interest of serving the student of FASSA − Sir Perry

After one of the auspicious students from the department of Philosophy makes a declaration concerning his political ambition to vie for the position of FASA 001, AAUA Insider correspondent engaged the aspirant in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Give a brief introduction of yourself.

I am Oluwagbemigun Precious Ifeoluwa, one of the contestants for the post of Faculty of Art presidential seat and a 300 level student of philosophy with the interest of serving the student of FASSA.

Tell us your educational background.

I attended Baoku Wisdom Nursery and Primary School Akure, Ondo State where I barged my Primary school leaving certificate 2009/2010 and I furthered attended Saint Peter’s Unity Secondary School Akure, also known as SPUSSA From 2010/2016 where I barged my SSCE and now still a student of Adekunle Ajasin University where I am studying philosophy and in a time I will earn my B.A in philosophy.

Have you ever been to any leadership position before, if yes, what was the position sir?

Yes, I’m the current librarian of the department of Philosophy.

How has that prepared you for the FASSA presidential position you’re contesting for?

Of course it has. Back then in my secondary school I was a prefect, a class captain and I was the president of press club. The urge to serve has always been in me and now I belief with those past political prowess we are good to deliver FASA into the safe hand which is supporting me to become the next FASSA president.

In other words according to you, position of leadership is no longer a thing to be fear of?

It has, basically in the academic aspect which is one of the head ups of my coming administration academic welfarism. And that has been a good development in faculty of Arts.

However, how did you feel after becoming the librarian of the department of philosophy?

I felt good and happy because I felt the students need materials, e- library among others to help them enhance and boost their academic prowess which to the glory of God was fulfilled, I feel very happy and achieved.

What has been your challenges so far been the philosophy department librarian and the development that the department library has recorded in your administration?

The development my department has recorded is that during my regime as the librarian we have our own accredited library (NAPS LIBRARY) with the help of other departmental excos. Furthermore, we have our philosophy Agoura which is a place where the students can read online books, materials relating to courses they are being taught and have a pre- presentation before going to class for presentations.

Can you tell us your relationship/administration with other executives of philosophy department, for example the president and other executives?

The relationship with other excos is amazing because all the executives I worked along with are hardworking, beautiful, wonderfully and intellectually filled.

What are your mandates when contesting for the post of philosophy department librarian?

A better library that both the student and lecturer can run to even at emergency times.

Was that executed in your administration?

Like I said earlier, with the help of other executives and my HOD Dr. S.A Laleye we got a permanent library room for the department and another room known as the philosophy agoura where students read online books and materials that are relevant to what they are being taught in class.

Can you share with us your mandates and why you are aspiring for FASSA 001, and what do you have to offer for the academic betterment of students in the faculty of arts?

Of course my first mandate is academic welfarism, bringing about cordial academic relationship between the senior colleagues and the junior ones in terms of tutorials. Tutorials will be conducted at every end and length of the faculty.

Then secondly of course we know different people in the faculty have many talents but have not been able to show them maybe due to inferiority complex. The faculty and its executives will bring about learning of new skills to acquire more knowledge as the pragmatic school of thought will say, “Any knowledge that is not about solving a problem is pseudo,” so we are going to enhance. learning by doing.

In a brief sentence sir, give a short address to all FASSAITE as they continue the ongoing 2019/2020 academic session, second semester to be precise.

It’s very clear that this semester has been packed up with inconvenient time tables, presentations, assignments, group work among others. The good thing is this are just steps to acquire a better knowledge and have an depth understanding of what we are here for.. I beseech us not to relent even in this squeezed time. May God crown our efforts with good success.


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  1. God bless the Incoming sir, We love you, you are the best candidate for that post… Insha allahu nothing shall discourage you.

    1. Thanks very much sir/ma and I’ll promise I’ll not disappoint you and the entire faculty.. God bless AAUA, God bless FASA.

  2. Thanks very much sir/ma and I’ll promise I’ll not disappoint you and the entire faculty.. God bless AAUA, God bless FASA.

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