Insiders Book Club: Book Review: the One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

“The One Plus One” is a beautifully crafted novel that largely emphasizes on the importance of hard work, family, and the sacrifices parents tend to make just to protect their kids from the claws of the outside world.

Jess, a single mother of one, takes on the custody of her husband’s illegitimate eight-year-old son. Reasons best known to her, she “took one look at the scrawny looking kid with a disturbed look on his face, standing a few feet from everyone, especially his father…” and decided that she would do her best to love him!

Jess, now a mother of two; Nicky (step son) and Constanza, mostly referred to in the novel as Tanzie (daughter) juggles between cleaning and waitressing.

She works with her partner, Nathalie to clean up majority “Large houses”, as it pays better since they’re usually occupied by very wealthy individuals.

Ed, the second major character in this breathtakingly awesome novel is a tech genius, who with his best friend, Rohan, owns a multi-billionaire software company. Only problem was they loved to work without the interference of the “suit men”.

The author takes the reader through the individual lives of each major character by making their names into single chapters!

Jojo Moyes in this beautiful novel takes us through series of betrayals, heartaches, and how the average American parent defaults in providing childcare support, especially after a divorce.


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