Insider Kitchen: Two methods of preparing Egusi soup with vegetables

Egusi is the name of the fat and protein rich seeds of melon plant, which after being dried and ground are used as a major ingredient in West African cuisine.

It is a delicious soup that gives nutrients to the body and its can be prepared with shi kini money.

I bring to you the two methods of preparing egusi soup—frying and boiling method.


Palm oil
Locust beans
Meat or fish
Vegetables (ugwu, scent leaf, water leaf, bitter leaf or any other vegetable)

Frying method

Step 1

Get your grounded egusi in a bowl
you pour little water or grounded onions, Maggi and salt then you mix

Step 2

Put the pot on fire then add palm oil to it and leave for some minutes
Add the mixed egusi and stair immediately so as not to get burnt.
Add pepper after you notice the egusi is fried,

Add vegetables after some minutes
Add fish/ meat (note if you’re using meat boil before adding )
You can add more salt and Maggie to taste.
Cover for some minutes and serve with any swallow of your choice. You can also sever with rice.

Boiling method

Mix the egusi
Boil water
Then add your mix egusi to the boiled water on fire
Leave for minutes
Add your vegetables
Add pepper
Add Palm oil
Add fish or meat whichever one
You can also add salt or Maggie to taste
Cover for some minutes and sever with any swallow of your choice or rice



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