Insider Kitchen: Let’s Prepare Student Jollof Spaghetti

Spaghetti also known as pasta is a food most students love to eat whether they rich or broke in school. Jollof Spaghetti resonates with Nigerian students a lot as it is neither difficult nor expensive to prepare.

Pasta provides carbohydrates, along with some protein, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and Vitamins B.

Here is how to prepare student jollof spaghetti without breaking the bank.

1 spaghetti.
Vegetable oil.
Pepper (either grounded one or fresh pepper).
Crayfish (its add to the nutrient of the meal).
Blender(if you are using fresh pepper).
Curry and thyme.
Salt (as taste).
Seasoning (as taste).

First step is to parboil your spaghetti and egg.
How to parboil:
Pour water in a pot and light your gas or stove then put the pot on wire.
Get a bowl then cut your spaghetti to the size you want.
When the water on fire is a little bit hot then you pour your spaghetti to parboil.
Then you’ll check back in 5- 10 minutes because we have two types spaghetti we have slim and the normal one and we also have different manufacturer so it get tender at different interval so I’ll need to check it at least 5 minutes after you put on wire then when it tender to you taste you sieve. 
Step 2
Put a clean pot on fire without water.
Let it dry then pour your vegetable oil.
Then after some second pour your pepper.
Then put your seasoning, salt, Cray fish (it not really necessary), Curry and thyme
Then mix everything together cover for 2- 3 minutes to simmer. 
Step 3
Then pour the parboiled spaghetti and stair very well , leave for few seconds then serve.

Enjoy the delicious and nutritious jollof spaghetti.


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