Insider kitchen: How to prepare plantain and egg

This might not be a common food to a predominant number of students. Most students are ignorant of the nutritional value of this special delicacy, and the fact that it is very cheap to prepare and enjoy the delicious and nutritious meal.

Plantain with egg contains vitamin, protein,carbohydrate and fat and oil, it is easy to prepare and it nourish the body

Here is how to prepare plantain with egg andΒ  without breaking the bank.

Ripe Plantain
Pepper( I prefer fresh Pepper)
Vegetable oil

Step 1
Peel your plantain
Then slice to taste
Add salt to the sliced plantain to make it more tasty.

Step 2
Put your vegetable oil on fire for some minutes.
Then after you notice the oil is hot, you start frying.

Step 3
You fry your egg to taste
grate, slice or chop your pepper with onions
Break the egg in a plate add salt and seasoning to it
Then put your frying pan or pot on fire add vegetable oil
When it is hot put your grated,chopped or sliced pepper to it add some little salt, seasoning and let it fry for some minutes.
Add your mixed egg to it and fry to taste (maybe you want it white or brown).

Then serve and enjoy yourself.


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