Insider Kitchen: how to prepare Nigerian pancakes

Pancake, a mixture of flour, sugar and other ingredients is one very healthy meal that can serve as breakfast.

This meal is super easy to prepare, as it requires few ingredients and your attention.

In addition, with just shikini money, you can have a nutritious and delicious breakfast meal with warm coffee or tea!

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

Plain flour
Raw eggs (2 or more, depends on the quantity of your flour)
Powdered milk (you can also make use of whole milk or evaporated milk, depends on your budget)
Chilli pepper (ata rodo)
Nutmeg (optional)
Vegetable oil (for greasing the frying pan)


The chilli pepper and onions are optional but since we are doing this the Nigerian way, they are important to add flavour and spice.

Let’s cook!

Step 1

Crack your eggs into a clean bowl, add the melted margarine, and sugar. Beat or stir together using a whisk to wooden spatula (flat headed turning stick)

Step 2

Add the already diced onions, pepper, nutmeg and diluted milk to the mixture and whisk again (thoroughly).

Step 3

Slowly add the flour to the mixture and continue to whisk. The texture of the mixture will look lumpy.

Step 4

Add extra milk or water if you discover the pancake batter is too thick. Continue to stir until it becomes a smooth texture with an elastic consistency

Step 5

Place your pan on an already lit gas cooker or stove. Add a teaspoon or two in your frying pan. Spread the oil so it can completely grease the pan

Step 6

Gently scoop the pancake batter with a scoop spoon (soup spoon) and pour into the pan. Tilt the pan gently so the batter can evenly spread across the pan.

Step 7

Cook one side of the pancake for few seconds and flip over to cook the other side until slightly brown.

Your gas cooker or stove should be placed on low heat.
There you have it, easy to prepare and very delicious. You can serve alone. You can enjoy with coffee, tea or soft drinks.



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