Insider Kitchen: How to prepare Moin-Moin

Moimoi or Moin-Moin is a Nigeria steamed bean pudding  bean made from a mixture of washed and peeled beans, onions and fresh ground red peppers. The origin can be traced to Western Nigeria.

It is made from beans so it contains protein, iron, folate and soluble fibres when taken. As a student, you can prepare Moin-Moin without breaking the bank.

Here are the procedures to preparing Moin-Moin.


Beans (white or brown)
Pepper (bawa and little rodo)
Vegetable oil/palm oil(but I’ll be using vegetable oil)


Step 1:

Peel your beans (remove outer part of the bean be it white or brown beans)
Get your beans in a bowl then add little water and leave for two seconds for it to soak.
Then use your hand to peel as if you are washing it
After peeling it for some minutes you sieve the shaft and peel again until the beans is white without the shaft.
After peeling you add some water and leave it to soak for easy grinding.

Step 2

Time to grind
Get a bowl and wash the soaked beans inside,
Wash your pepper(bawa and rodo) and onions then add it to the soaked beans (bawa gives the moi moi colour and make it looks attractive)so you need more of it. You can either grind with a blender or a grinding machine.

Step 3

Get turning stick with your grounded beans for proper mixing
Add Maggie and salt then mix(to taste)
If you’re putting crayfish add and mix but if you’re using fresh fish or liver you’ll need to boil it with Maggie and salt before mixing it with the grounded beans.
Add your vegetable oil or palm oil if you’re using palm oil you’ll need to put it on fire for some minutes before adding to the beans
Mix well before adding water if needed (water makes it soft).

Step 4

Put little water on fire

Get you nylon
Pick the nylon one after the other open and pour the beans (you might need to double the nylon depending on the quality)
As you pour it, you tie the tip of the nylon then you drop it inside the water you put on fire. After putting everything on fire then you cover for 15 to 20 minutes (note: make sure the water in the pot did not dry, when you notice the water is about to dry up then you add more water to it).

You can sever it with bread, pap, garri, rice.


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