Insider kitchen: How to prepare Coconut rice

As a human, you can be tired of eating the traditional Jollof rice or white rice and stew can be common and ordinary. Why not try coconut rice? This is actually a good substitute of the rice recipes you are used to.

Coconut rice has always been in existence, but ironically, most people hardly prepare it in their homes. It looks like Jollof rice, but the taste and of course, the aroma is certainly not what you get in Jollof rice. Interestingly, Coconut rice is highly nutritious. The coconut milk (extracted from the coconut) used in preparing the rice, is highly saturated fat, it is much healthier than other saturated fat products, and the fat is easily metabolized by the body.

Coconut milk also offers come particular health benefits. It is anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacteria, and anti-viral. The main saturated fat that it contains is lauric acid, is also found in mother’s milk and has been shown to promote brain development and bone health. Some hope that coconut milk, with its powerful anti-viral properties, can one day be used in the fight against AIDS.

Here is what you need, and how you can prepare student-grade Coconut rice without going into Akungba igbeyin in the early days of second semester.


3 cups of coconut milk
1 cup of rice
1 cup of crayfish
Pepper to taste
700g beef/fish/goat meat
Dried fish
1 bulb of onion
Tomato paste
Seasoning cubes
Salt to taste.

How to prepare coconut rice:


Grate the coconut and soak in hot water for 20 minutes and then squeeze with your hands. Leave for about two minutes and squeeze again. Pour in a sieve to extract the milk.

Spice the meat and cook until tender.


Parboiled the rice for not more than 10 minutes. Put the parboiled rice in a pot and pour the coconut milk inside

Add the beef stock as well. Add the pepper, tomato paste, crayfish, salt and seasoning.
Allow to boil for 10 minutes before adding the dried fish.
Cook for about 29 minutes until rice is soft.

The delicious and nutritious meal is ready, you can serve with chilled drink.



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